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Bearded Cottage

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The Deluxe Cottage

Learning Forward Education Center

The Bearded Cottage Group

Our critter cottage is designed specially for bearded dragons. We use renewable food sources and solar energy to keep bearded dragon warm and fed! This is the best habitat for your favorite pet.

“This is hands down the best cottage for

bearded dragons you can buy”

– Ms. Alex.

Design Documentation

A special thank you to everyone who helped us make our critter cottage!

  • Ms. Nicole – Website registration, helping hammering/stapling, printing
  • Ms. Tina – Letters, stapling chicken wire
  • Ms. Alex – research support, website support
  • Lowes – pre-cut wood


  • 8 pre cut pine lumber
  • 1 recycled plywood
  • 2 recycled clear plastic
  • 6 recycled face shields
  • wood glue
  • nails
  • chicken wire
  • sand
  • rocks
  • solar power light
  • edible plants
  • green paint
Anecia H. Marketing/Design Director 4th grade
Asher G. Video Director 3rd Grade
Cynara H. Team Lead 4th grade
Hunter R. Web and Marketing 4th grade
Jaylen B. Builder 3rd grade
Athen G. Web Design Lead 4th grade
Kayson H. Engineer/ Builder 3rd grade

2 thoughts on “Bearded Cottage

  • What a tremendous project! This is the best one I’ve seen so far! That bearded dragon looks so comfortable in her cottage. I love the 3D printed lizard to keep her company.

  • I love the written review/testimony! The news report/ad was exceptional. Well done!


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