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Bunny Abode

The Bunny Abode
Lillian working on the Bunny pillow.
Stella D. removing the hardware and doors.
The Bunny Abode

The Bunny Abode

Safe, fun, and engaging abode for your indoor bunny!

The Bunny Abode is environmentally friendly.

Our design priority was to repurpose furniture that was to be thrown into a landfill into a fun and engaging place for a bunny. We found that it would be cost-prohibitive to build a bunny hutch from scratch because of the price of maple or birch wood which is the preferred wood for a bunny hutch.

  • ✓ February 2,9,16,23 After deciding not to build the hutch from scratch, our first design challenge was to find an appropriate piece of discarded furniture. We looked for nightstands or very small dressers but decided on this TV stand because of the lower profile and the sturdiness of the material.
  • ✓Once we found the stand, we got to work removing the doors and hardware. We needed to get non-VOC paint because bunnies like to chew and it is safe for them because it doesn’t have chemicals like chloride and benzene.
  • ✓ March 2, 9, 23, 30 We also used salvaged metal wire fencing that is stapled to the front. This was tricky to cut and place on the abode. We used wire cutters to cut it to the right size and a staple gun to put it in place and covered it with paint.
  • ✓We found fabric for the pillow bed that Lillian sewed and painted the cardboard for the timothy straw bed on the top of our design. Other recycled materials like jute cord and wooden beads were used to make toys in the play areas.
  • ✓ The Bunny Abode is portable and can be moved to different rooms.
  • ✓ Multiple levels will keep your bunny hopping!
  • ✓ We suggest surrounding the entire Bunny Abode with a fence when you want to keep the bunny in place. This will allow the bunny to move freely around and access all of the levels.

Roosevelt Elementary, Cocoa Beach, FL

Team Members: Lillian J., Penny S., Stella D. (Grade 5)

  2. ✓ Salvaged TV Stand
  3. ✓ Reused Fencing
  4. ✓ Non-VOC Paint
  5. ✓ Recycled Jute cord, wooden beads
  6. ✓ Repurposed Crushed Icemaker for food station
  7. Wire cutters, Glue Guns, Scissors, Screwdrivers, Paintbrushes
Bentley likes the bed!

One thought on “Bunny Abode

  • I like the activity area on the side. It looks like a solid home for the bunny and it likes it. Great job!


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