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Bunny Builders

Bunny Builders

Hi! Our names are Shai M. and Alina C. We attend Carwise Middle School and we are both in 7th grade. We designed this Critter Cottage for a bunny.

People who helped us accomplish this project:

Mrs. Rossie and Mr. Trudell(Teachers) Help us plan, design and collect materials

Help from parents: they helped cut the wood, pull out nails, use tools, and collect materials

List Of Material:

Home Depot Lumber/Cutter Attendee: Helped us collect wood that was going to be discarded



Chicken Wire*


These are the parts of our critter cottage that we would like to showcase.

One thought on “Bunny Builders

  • Your commerical is awesome! The fact that you used lumber that was going to be discarded is an excellent idea. Well done!


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