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Chad Brad Bradley Mobile

Photo & Basic Info:

Our car is called, “Chad Brad Bradley Mobile”, and our team name is “CHAD”, but you can call us by our car name. The car was designed by Nicolas J. in 7th grade, Jamie H. in 7th grade, and Marcos Z. in 8th grade, and was constructed in Cornerstone Learning Community. Our car is in a wedge shape to increase aerodynamics and speed. The main shaft of the car has lots of wood cut out of it to reduce weight and increase mobility.

Design Documentation





L=9.5 in W=6 in H=3.75 in

Weight, Car weight 120.57 Grams , Solar panel weight 90.72 Grams.

Wheel size – 3.5 cm

Gear ration – Motor to axle – 10:40

Item – Condition – Price

Solar panel – Used – $20

Wheels – Used – $5

Motor – Used – $1.50

Battery Packet – Used – NA

Ping pong ball – Used – NA

Pokemon cards – Highly played – $0.15 x 2

Rubber Band – New – NA

Gears – New – $4

Axle – Used – NA

Bushings – Used – NA

Velcro – Used – NA

Balsa wood – New – $3

Glue Gun – Used – NA

Glue – New – NA

Cornerstone Learning Community

Junior Solar Sprint Design Log

Chad Brad Bradly mobile

Team MemberGradeStrengths
Marcos8thComing up with ways to fix the car, and material gathering
Jamie7thComing up with Ideas (Brainstorming)
Nicolas7thBuilding, tool use, and electronics

Time and Design Progress

DateTime SpentActivities
11/12/20211 hourMade plans and gathered materials as well as looked at Ms. Karen’s cars. NJ, JH, MZ
11/19/20211 hourFound ideas from older builds and made plans. NJ, JH, MZ
12/3/20211 hourBuilt the car’s frame (NJ) and worked on wheels (JH, MZ).
12/17/211 hourBuilt and tested design. Continued building framework. NJ, JH, MZ
1/7/20221 hourAdded motor and looked at the attachment for the solar panel. NJ, JH, MZ
1/14/20221 hourWe changed the wheels and had to realign the gear so that the actual wheels could go straight NJ, JH, MZ
1/21/221 hourWe fixed wheels and added the motor back on and made some stabilizers for the solar panel. NJ, JH, MZ
1/28/20211 hourAttached most parts adding. NJ, JH, MZ
2/4/20211 hourTested and broke the car. NJ, JH, MZ
2/11/20211 hourFixed the car. NJ, JH, MZ

Vehicle Features Video

Vehicle Performance Video


Test 1 (Battery): Sunny and clear clouds, 15ft, 6.98 seconds, speed was 2.1 feet per seconds. The rubber band came off so we had to attach more securely.

Test 2 (Sun): Sunny and clear clouds, 15ft, 7.5 seconds, speed was 2 feet per seconds. Removed some weight from excess pieces because it slowed down.

Test 3 (Sun): Sunny and clear clouds, 15ft, 6.2 seconds, speed was 2.4 feet per seconds. An amazing run.

10 thoughts on “Chad Brad Bradley Mobile

  • Nice Performance!!

  • Love the strengths chart! This is such a clean and precise design. Great job!

  • Looks impressive; congratulations on your design and recognition. 👍 I can see the team put in a lot of effort to complete this project. Well done, and I hope you have a great weekend in Cocoa Beach. Wish I could be there too. Good Luck!

  • Great job, team! Best wishes for a speedy victory!

  • Very sleek and light weight. Hope you have lots of sunshine and success on race day.

  • Alright team! Great design. Looking forward to seeing this car in action this weekend. Nice work.

  • well detailed work, great video and pictures , good luck this weekend at Cocoabeach

  • Great job, team! Good luck at Energy Whiz this weekend.

  • Clearly a lot of thought and effort went into the design and implementation. It actually runs better and faster than my own van! Good luck in Cocoa Beach.

  • This car looks well-designed and ready for racing! I wish you sunny skies at Energy Whiz.


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