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Digestive Motion Part II

Sally Ride Elementary School

John (5th grade) – Manuel (4th grade)Alice (4th grade)Sasha (5th grade) – Amelia (1st grade) – Sofia (4th grade)

Energy Transfer Machine’s Explanation

We are presenting this project after improving it by … PLEASE, LISTEN WELL! By 18 seconds!!! Our first project presented last February in the SECME Regional Competition at UCF lasted 3 SECONDS! The present project went up to 21 SECONDS and we are very proud of it because we did that while keeping the same area of work and the theme of the project. We are simulating a digestive system. With this project, we are sharing with our classmates and beyond our school, our knowledge about the Digestive System and Energy Transformations. This has been a project of more the 6 students. Some of us participate in the UCF even while others are excited to be in the EnergyWhiz at Cocoa Beach. Most of us have never been to Cocoa beach!!! We are doing this for our friends from Sally Ride, for our families, for our Solar club teacher Ms. Berriz, and for ourselves!!!

Behind this project are hours of investigations, and many trails!!!! Once this project demonstrated that it was ready, we had to record it 21 times to get the whole video. The trial 9th worked great but the laptop that we were using asked us to reset the program before saving the video. It was very frustrating at times, super stressful most of the time but it was worth it!!! Today we are more prepared in many ways! Not only academically, (which is very important) but also it was a great team experience!!! Our optimism and perseverance brought us here! PLEASE ENJOY THE DIGESTIVE MOTION PART II!!!!!


Chemical energy from batteries into electricity

– Electricity into mechanical energy of the fun

– Mechanical energy of the dominos pushes the ball down to the bucket thanks to the gravitational energy

– it transforms into chemical energy when vinegar and baking soda react together

– Chemical energy is transformed into mechanical

– With gravity’s help, the ball rolls down in a long zigzag path to the second bucket.

– mechanical energy knocks down the cup with water to flush the toilet.


his project represents the Digestive System in humans.

It starts in the mouth where food or chemical energy enters the body. It goes down the esophagus until the stomach. The stomach breaks down the food into nutrients through a chemical reaction.

The mixture goes to the Small intestine and nutrients are absorbed.

The next destination is the large intestine which absorbs the water and the rest of the nutrients from the food.

Finally, the waist leaves the body when we go putty.


his project includes different types of simple machines.

  • Wheel and Axle in the fan
  • Lever when the balloon inflates and pushes one side of the lever
  • An inclined plane is the most used in this project
  • Pulley was used twice to change the direction of motion of the cups and the other extreme of the string.

Materials: (Most of the materials used in this project were recycled)

-AA batteries (2)

-AA battery holder (1)

-Fan (1)

-Wires and connectors

-Cups (4)

-Color paper

-Copy paper

-Index cards

-Clear tape

-White tape

-Balloon (1)

-Vinegar (30ml)

-Baking Soda (2 1\2 Spoons)

-Dominoes (4 pieces)

-Marble (3)

-Thumbtacks (4)



-Black tape

-Bead necklace



-Several plastic bottles and their parts

Energy Transfer Machine in Action!!!!

Do not miss it!!! Here it is in SLOW MOTION!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

7 thoughts on “Digestive Motion Part II

  • Great teamwork guys! I love how you all explained the particulars of the science concepts you used in each part and how rewarding to see that it worked at the end! Yay! 🥳 And there’s nothing like a slow motion playback to make sure you didn’t miss any part of the final demonstration! Great job!

  • Congratulations to all of you! Awesome project! I have to admit, I was confused at first, but each of you did a great job explaining what happens at each step of your Digestive Motion Project! Fascinating!

  • I loved your idea of improving and creating a new version of your creation. Great teamwork kids!

  • Way to go team! You have built on something good to make it great. Well done kiddos, well done.

  • Awesome work on this project. Good luck!

  • I really like that you tied so many science concepts into this project. Relating it to the digestive system was a great idea. I may use this in class next year to teach the human body and then review some of the other skills. Like Nike wrote, the fact that you added onto a project already created shows that you are using the Engineering Design Process and looking for improvements on your machine.

  • Excellent job! The explanation and documentation of everything was terrific! I loved how you had everyone narrate a different video to cover every aspect of the process. The fact that you built on your old project is a great way to show how things can be improved and what you learned from the original design.


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