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Eco-Friendly Guinea Pig Niche


  • Nethanya V. – 8th Grade
  • Elza SJ. – 8th Grade
  • Emily A. – 8th Grade




7 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Guinea Pig Niche

  • I bet your Guinea pig loves it! I love the fact that you made it sustainable and very eco-friendly. Very informative too. This project will surely inspire a lot of other young kids to take good care of our environment and every creatures that lives in it. Your hard work really paid off.

  • This eco friendly habitat for the Guinea pig was well thought of by the students and properly executed. The supervision and guidance from their teacher/s and scaffolded prior knowledge produced a well balanced niche that is not only sustainable but leaves less carbon footprint and waste materials. This work deserves an A plus for the whole team.

  • Innovative and very resourceful! Keep it up.

  • Very interesting. Video was informative.

  • This eco-friendly niche for a guinea pig is just the perfect habitat for a piggy since it is spacious enough to be happy and to thrive more so, it is made from recycled materials making it possible to lessen their impact on the environment by choosing effective, sustainable pet products to satisfy the piggy’s needs. A job well done to the students and all the people involved for this project!

  • Good Informational video!

  • It looks like it really liked it! I appreciate the video of it being made. That was a lot of work that you all put in for the home. Great job!


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