Empowering Student Innovation for a Clean Energy Future


DeLaura Middle School

Clayton (7th), Zander (7th), Luke (8th), and Jackson (8th)

When constructing the car we ran into into some issues with the electric components and getting the gears to correctly connect to each other and properly get the car to move. A few days before the submission date we were able to complete.

To calculate the best gear ratios to use, we learned about gear ratios. We learned that for good speed we want a 2 : 1 gear ratio by dividing the driven gear to the driving gear.

The top view of the car under the solar panel
The original design to use foil for better efficiency
Solar Panel with by aluminum foil
Drawn prototype of car before changes to the wheels
Design #2 before wheel adjustments
Bottom View of Completed Car
Side View of Completed Car
Top View of Completed Car
Top View of Completed Car

2 thoughts on “Eugene

  • great solutions and use of recycle materials, did the foil paper worked?


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