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Ferret Friends!

Pine Crest Engineering

Made by: Ronen E. (Grade 7) & Brock C. (Grade 7)

This Critter Comfort Cottage was developed for Ferrets.

This is our document on determining what animal we wanted to be focused on for our Critter Comfort Cottage.
The beginning of our design process to design our prototype of the Critter Comfort Cottage
A frontal View of our Critter Comfort Cottage
A focused view of the side of our Critter Comfort Cottage showcasing the wood that
we sawed to increase the stability of the cottage.
The solar panel, charge controller, battery, and microcontroller that manages temperature and lights are kept dry in this box.
One of the four fans, designed to keep cool air moving when needed. The electric blanket, and a temperature sensor hanging down from the back.

In terms of human help, we received help from Mr. Swanson in parts of the building process. For software, we used Adobe Illustrator to design our Critter Comfort Cottage, as well as to create the dimensions of the cottage. To bring those dimensions to life, we used a laser cutter to cut the wood into the necessary dimensions. Then, we got to glueing, using Gorilla Wood Glue to glue our wood pieces together, and used tape to keep the wood adhered to each other while we were away. We used clamps to keep the wood to the table. We also sawed pieces of wood to support the walls and floors for further reinforcement. Finally, we spray painted our cottage white.

Parts List

  • Lumber for walls and reinforcements
  • 4 80mm 12v fans
  • 1 small electric blanket
  • Solar panel (recycled from an old safety box on campus)
  • Charge controller (updated from the recycled one)
  • 4-relay board
  • Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller (programmed in python)
  • 2 temperature sensors
  • 12v lights
  • wire and connectors
  • water bottle
  • hinges
  • plexiglass for front
  • venting hose

One thought on “Ferret Friends!

  • WOW! Those diagrams/drawings were top-notch. The fact that you used a raspberry pi, boxmaker, and adobe illustrator shows that you took your time on this project. Great job!


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