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Healing The Ozone

Neil M.
Orlando Science Schools
middle 6-8

I chose to do this project, “Healing the Ozone”, because I wanted to address an important issue; “The Hole in the Ozone Layer”. You may have heard about the ozone hole, but did you know that to solve this issue a record-breaking 197 nations came together. This issue is the hole in the ozone layer that is above Antarctica. This is the only time in human history that 197 countries came together to help the Earth, and for good reason too. The ozone layer is what protects our planet from solar flares and excessive amounts of UV rays. Without it, skin cancer rates would heavily increase, and crop yields would decrease but that’s only if we’re lucky. Worse could happen, the radiation could easily knock out all of earths power grids and eventually wipe out all life on earth.

But why is this hole even here in the first place?

The ozone hole was created due to chlorofluorocarbons or CFC’s for short. This gas is found in common items like hairspray and aerosol cans and even in large factories. This gas breaks down the ozone molecules that make the ozone layer which caused a hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica because the ozone layer is already naturally thin in colder areas. Environmental issues aren’t just something that people can only talk about. 197 nations coming together, is proof that when people come together that Change can happen. With this project I hope to tell people that change isn’t just something that people can only talk about, but something that they can see happen. Because now the hole is nearly gone to the point where all of its negative effects have been reduced so much that the problems that were present due to the hole are gone as well.

Introduction & Images

Introduction to my Art
Demonstration of My Art
Details of the Art Piece

Some may be wondering why I chose a galaxy theme around the slide show. I chose to decorate my art with a galaxy theme because earth was already shown in the center so I put it’s moon and neighboring planet around it, and of course the sun as it provides life to our planet.

2 thoughts on “Healing The Ozone

  • This is unique and very creative. It communicates a message and is a thoughtful design. You should feel proud of being able to create such a memorable and important project.

  • Neil,

    We are so proud of you. What are some changes that we can make on campus to help the environment and to heal the ozone hole?


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