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JSS Pink Bugs


Our team came together because we were all really good friends and share some great creativity when we are all together. We thought it would be a fun experience, and it definitely was!

Meet the Pink Bugs

NameGrade, Age What we brought to the team
Ely U.4, 10Has been a tech person all year and kept paperwork organized.
Kendall K.5, 11Painted the whole car and has great techniques and engineering skills.
Abby V.5, 11Kept us focused and gave great ideas.
Linda V.4, 10Great at designing and painting.

Drawing of sketched Car

Finished Car Specifications

Car Size: 200 mm long, 135 mm wide,95 mm high

Weight: 8.37 oz

Wheel Sizes: 40mm

Gear Ration: 10 to 30

Final Pictures of our Car

Test Run

Supplies used for our car

  • Balsa wood $1.00
  • Solar panel $40.00
  • Wheels $.40
  • cardboard Recycled
  • straws Recycled
  • paint $1.00
  • velcro $.50
  • battery pack $.50
  • motor $1.00
  • egg carton recycled
  • skewers/dowels $1.00

Let’s Get to Work

2/7/23What we accomplished today: Today every member of our team is here. Our team members are Linda, Ely Kendall, and Abby. So far we have done planning our car. We can’t agree on something that we all like, but we think we’re going to do a speedy sloth. See you next week!

Time spent: One hour and thirty minutes
2/14/23What we accomplished today: All our team members were here again. We figured out our team plan for our solar car. We’re doing an Australian Shepherd for our car and were making him a little hat. Kendall and Abby started cutting wood for the base. We are progressing.

Time spent: One hour and thirty minutes
2/21/23What we accomplished today: All members of our team were here once again. We got the motor going and it’s working really well. We attached the battery pack to the base. We also attached wheels. Our team is working really well and is cooperative. See you next week!

Time spent: One hour thirty minutes
2/28/23What we accomplished today: Our whole team attended today. We had a volunteer help us solder our motor and solar panels for our race car. We painted the base and attached the motor. We’ve got a lot done today, see you in two weeks! (spring break and field trip.)

Time spent: One hour thirty minutes
3/21/23What we accomplished today: Today we were missing one member, Abby. other than that everyone was here. We added velcro to the solar panel as well as our top piece. We didn’t get much done today we mainly focussed on paperwork. See you next week.

Time spent: One hour thirty minutes
4/4/23What we accomplished today: Today our whole team was here. We added the sides of our car. We also attached the top piece that connects with our solar panel. We also attached the egg carton for the ping pong ball to sit in. We are getting closer to finishing.

Time spent: One hour and thirty minutes
4/11/23What we accomplished today: Today the whole team was here. Kendall and Linda worked on painting the sides. Ely and Abby worked on the website and paperwork. We did a few test runs with our solar panel. Today we finished our car.

Time spent: One hour thirty minutes

Check Out Our Test Runs

Inside or Outside and the dateDistanceTimeSpeedCommentsWeather
Inside 4/14/20239 meters6 Seconds1.5m per seccurved, need to adjust wheelsNA
Outside 4/14/20238 meters4.21seconds1.9m per secbumpy ground. went very fast.Cloudy with partial sunshine
Outside 4/14/202311 meters5.15 seconds2.13m per secafter the first test outside, an edge broke and slowed it down. Cloudy with partial sunshine

Photo Gallary of progress on car

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