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Kiwi’s Campout

Sculptor Charter School

Kiwi’s Campout Counselors

Claire W. (5th grade) & Abigail D. (5th grade)

Kiwi’s campout.

Fashionable and suitable!

A “green” campground to put your bearded dragon in while you clean out their cage because you don’t want them to run away.

Kiwi is my (Abigail) pet Bearded Dragon.

We got help from: Internet and Mrs . Bollinger


Cage, lounge tray, felts, paper towel roll, toilet paper rolls, feeding tray, bowls, feeding pipe, tissue box, paper, paints, cardboard, water bottles, puffy paint, string, zip ties.

When our bearded dragons, Sandy and Kiwi were in the cage, Sandy looked around and then walked to the rock/tissue box and stuck her head in it, then went on the second floor and looked around. I tested the worm shoot with Kiwi and she ate the worms as soon as they came out of the shoot. Kiwi also went on the second floor. After all we think Kiwi and Sandy enjoyed the cage!

One thought on “Kiwi’s Campout

  • The work you put into the home as well as your videos is incredible. Do you think this can be a long-term home for your bearded dragons? The campfire is such a warming touch!


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