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Lilac E.

A Brief Summary

A girl named Lakia Marlin grew up in the small village of Kotohira until she was 9. The day she turns 10, she discovers a bracelet in a beautiful box, and when she opens it, a beautiful snow-white dove appears. Little does she know, it was really a phoenix, and that phoenix can turn into a girl. After about a month of living with Lakia and her mother, Fern, The Phoenix, Feng, decides to take Lakia to Lilac E; Cloudia’s sky district. Soon after she has a terrible nightmare that sends her off to Cloudia once again to banish the dark lord once and for all.


Writing/Webpage: Anabelle M

Illustrations/ Editing : Gianna N

Some inspiration for this story is from our love of anime art and the beautiful spring blooming of the cherry blossom’s We chose the phoenix because it is associated with the sun and it would represent solar energy. In our opinion solar energy is the best energy for our future, because it is clean and is what Florida is known for. Wind energy could also be an interesting idea, and we think that it may be a elaborate choice for Florida with our beautiful breeze.

About The Duo

Both of us love anime and the Japanese culture, and because of this we decided to write a book that has an anime feel. Our team is made up of two amazing minds, the author Anabelle, and the illustrator/ editor Gianna. Both are eleven and are fifth graders at Ocean Breeze Elementary.

Meet The Duo And The Book

The Title Page for Lilac E.

Lilac E.

Table Of Contents 

Chapter 1  – 3

Chapter 2 – 5

Chapter 3 – 8

Chapter 4 – 10

Chapter 5 – 12

Chapter 6 – 14

Chapter 7 – 16

Chapter 8 – 18

Chapter 9 – 20

Chapter 1

All those years ago

Lakia-chan’s mother, Fern, spoke softly to her as she told her her favorite legend, Legend of Phoenix and Girl. “Many years ago, there was a girl named Oracle. One day, as she was exploring the forest behind her house, full of lush green trees and miles and miles of forest, she found a box that was half-covered in dirt and leaves,” she said. “When she opened it, she discovered a ring that was rose gold and covered in diamonds that sparkle like stars in the night sky.”

     As Lakia-chan watched her mother tell her about Oracle, she noticed that her hair was glowing a bright golden blonde, and she had a sort of]  sparkle in her eyes like she was happy to be telling her daughter this story again. “Now,” Fern said, “Get some sleep! Tomorrow is the big day!” Lakia blew out the oil lamp and drifted off to sleep, dreaming of cherry blossoms in the sky.

     The next morning, they jumped into the carriage and got on a ferry to their destination, a remote cherry blossom island. When they finally reached their destination after a full day of traveling, Lakia got off the ferry. “Mother, this island is beautiful!” Lakia exclaimed. “Can I explore around by myself?”

“No, not until you’re 10 years old, it could be dangerous,” said Fern sternly. “Now, it’s time for bed, we’ve been traveling all day long.” After Lakia and her mother prayed, Lakia immediately fell asleep.

        Lakia-Chan woke up to find that she had rolled out of her futon.  She saw cherry blossom petals on the floor and remembered that this was the day she had been waiting for since she moved to the island. Today was her 10th birthday, which meant she finally got to explore the island on her own! She saw a beautiful kimono, obi, hairpins and geta sandals on her table and carefully put them on. She quickly did her hair into a bun and rushed outside to find her mother, Fern, pulling weeds out of the ground in her prized butterfly garden.

    “Mother,” she asked, “do you remember what day it is?” “Yes,” replied Fern, “It is your birthday. I know what you are going to ask. Go ahead and have some fun! I’m sure you will find something delightful to add to our collection! I will be in my art room trying to search for inspiration if I’m not in the garden. Also, be careful not to dirty your kimono–it would be a shame if you ruined it the day you got it.”

 Lakia went inside, put some food in her weaved basket, and headed outside to explore the island and the forest. She loved flowers, so she picked the cherry blossoms from the trees that were fullest. She thought that the blossoms looked delightful, so when her basket was full she went back to her house. She peeked into her mothers art studio and saw she was not there, so she quietly went in and put some blossoms in her vase.

After she put the flowers in her vase, she closed the shoji leading to the art studio and went out the front door to the flower garden. She saw her mother planting and tending to the flowers. “What type of flowers are those, mother? They look very beautiful!” she said. She chatted with her mother for a while before she went back to the forest.

Lakia carefully went up the stairs of her treehouse, careful not to trip. The treehouse was a good size, high enough for her mother to go in, and big enough to fit 5 people, with enough room to freely move around, of course. When she got to the top of the stairs, she went in and looked through the window. She saw something wedged between two branches by the ladder. It was a small brown wooden box with white embroidered edges. She opened the window, and reached out, but she couldn’t reach it. She tried a second time, this time reaching farther, and finally grabbed it. She examined the box carefully, and saw it was a little bit dirty, so she brushed it off. Carefully, she opened it. When she did, a blinding light shone through as it had been closed for hundreds of years, collecting all of the rays of sun that had ever touched the box. The item inside was a small bracelet that changed colors from white to gold to red and orange. It was one of those bracelets that wrapped around your wrist and almost fully connected–but not quite. On the ends, there was a feather design.                                                                                                                                                                            


A new friend

Lakia slipped on the beautiful bracelet, which fit perfectly. Suddenly, it began to glow and sparkle brightly; so brightly that Lakia had to avert her eyes. Otherwise, she was afraid she would be blinded. Right as she turned her head back to look at the bracelet, a snow-white dove tried to perch on a branch, but it kept flying downward in an awkward way. Lakia thought something was slightly off. She noticed that the reason it could not fly might be because it had an injured wing and could not fly, so she picked up the charming bird and used some green leaves of the giant oak tree that the treehouse was on, and put them in her weaved bag as a cushion for the bird to sit on. After she carefully put the beautiful white bird and the box in her bag, Lakia climbed down the ladder and cautiously ran back to her small wooded cottage nearby.

When Lakia got home she rested the dove on the table and began to examine the problem. She saw it needed something to keep the wing in place. She took some sticks from around her house and made a splint and cloth for the dove’s wing. Lakia kept the dove in her room for a few hours until the dove’s wing miraculously healed. Lakia went outside and took off the splint and cloth. The dove and the bracelet glowed brightly yet again. The dove started to take on another form; it looked like a giant gold and red bird. Lakia stood in awe: the legend she had loved since she was 3 years old was true, a real red and gold wind phoenix was standing before her.

She started to feel faint like she was dreaming, but that feeling soon went away as the majestic bird looked her in the eyes and addressed her as if she was the bird’s friend. She was even more surprised when it started speaking. “Konnichiwa, I see you have obtained the bracelet that I have been living with for years after I met Oracle. What is your name, my new best friend?”

 “Lakia-Chan Marlin. Who are you, beautiful bird?” she replied. The Phoenix laughed and said, “No need to act like I’m old, Lakia. I’m a young girl like you. Just watch this.”

The phoenix started glowing brightly again and shrunk down to the same size as Lakia. The light faded away, leaving a girl with red and gold hair and orange eyes, wearing an incredible kimono that was red with gold specks. “See, silly? I’m a phoenix and a girl, too. My name is Feng-Chan.” 

“Konnichiwa, Feng. I’m sorry I acted so weirdly towards you, I just thought you were a thirty-year-old mother phoenix. You should come to meet Mother; I think she would like you! Then I can show you around—We can play in my room, explore around the island together, see my treehouse-” 

 “Wow, slow down. Let’s just take it one step at a time. How about we start by meeting your Mother?”

 “Oh yes, I completely forgot! I just get caught up in the things we could do. You see, I haven’t socialized with anyone since I was five years old and we moved here. Now we must go before dusk, I don’t think I’m allowed to stay out after.”

Lakia and Feng arrived at Lakia’s house just before dusk had fallen. “Mother?” Lakia called when they got home. Fern was not in either of the places she said she would be. When Lakia looked upstairs, she saw Fern lying in her bed, unconscious. She knew something had to have been wrong because usually she only ever goes to bed after 10:00. Lakia felt her Mothers’ head and noticed she had an amazingly high fever.

“What in the world? How can someone even have a fever this high? Her forehead feels like an oven!” Lakia exclaimed. “Calm down,” Feng replied, “I got something that will help. Go get me a mortar and pestle, 1 bowl and a spoon, twelve cherry blossom flowers, a handful of grass, water, and honey, Ok?” Lakia shot out of the room in record time and grabbed the bowl, spoon, mortar, pestle, and water, then she dashed outside to get the blossoms and grass. She sprinted back up to the bedroom and set all the items on the nightstand. Feng-Chan hurried over to it and immediately poured in the water and honey, but along with it, she sprinkled a teaspoon of sparkling dust. She then added the grass and mashed it up, put in the cherry blossoms, and mashed those too. She poured it into the bowl, went back over to the bed and opened Fern’s mouth, slowly pouring in one spoonful. She waited twenty seconds before another, but this time she did two. Lakia-chan started to get nervous after a minute or two, but then Fern slowly opened her eyes. She then sat up.rrchshewfjjewrjkjk

“Mother, you scared me to death!” Fern smiled and laughed. “What happened? Why was your forehead so hot?” Lakia asked. “Honestly, I don’t even remember,” Feng replied confused. “That’s strange.”

“I feel fine though.” Fern stated. “Really? You don’t remember anything?” Lakia said. She looked at Feng, an eyebrow raised, almost as if to say, Did the mixture you gave her mess up her memory, or was it whatever she had?

“Nope. Nothing after I was in my art room painting. Who is this?” she pointed to Feng. “Oh, this is Feng-Chan!” she answered. “Mother, meet Feng, Feng meet Fern.” 

“It’s nice to meet you, Feng!” Fern said. “Except, may I ask how you got here? We are the only      ones on this island for a 6-mile radius.” asked Fern. “Oh, it’s a long story. It will probably take all night to explain it.” Feng said, sighing. “What time is it?” Fern asked Lakia.“It’s around 7:30 right now.” Lakia replied “There’s no way I was out for that long!” Fern thought of all she “Does seem kinda strange though. Having a high fever and then waking up not remembering anything.” Feng noted. Both Fern and Lakia nodded in agreement. 

Chapter 3  

Longing for something new

Feng had been living with Lakia and Fern for about a month. It was a  rainy day on the 14th of April and Lakia was staring out the window daydreaming about a new place to be; a new place to explore. Feng had been watching Lakia stare into the distance and knew what she was thinking. “She wants to explore another place, I know the perfect thing to do.”Lakia spent the rest of the day playing with her toys in her room and cooking with Fern. The next day was a clear sky and bright sun, a perfect day for Feng’s plan. Lakia was sitting outside in her treehouse meditating under the oak trees shading leaves. “Lakia I know you have been dreaming to explore and you have helped me so much by giving me a place to stay. Because of this, I will grant your wish, and once again thank you for this.” Suddenly the dazzling gleam occurred again and Feng turned back into the white and gold phoenix she was before. “Now hop on my back and I will take you to my favorite place, Cloudia’s Sky District Lilac E. ” Feng ran as fast as a cheetah, flapped her wings, and rose to the sky. The ride was very bumpy and Lakia needed to adjust her kimono often, but they soon flew above the clouds. It almost felt like they would go to outer space, but just before Feng dived at full speed into a giant cloud. Lakia opened her eyes and felt weightless. She had arrived at Lilac E. 

Lilac E. was a beautiful place, with clouds that looked like they were made of fluffy snow. She noticed that there were little sparks of energy in them if you looked closely. “That’s how we get our energy.” Feng said and nodded over to the sparking clouds.  She continued, we collect the electricity from the thunderstorms that pass through. As they walked through the city Liakia noticed the floor felt like a trampoline, she bounced at every step she took. Soon they had arrived at a factory. The people who greeted them looked like they were from the future, but Liakia did not notice. One lady who had lots of red hair introduced herself as Christa, and she explained that when she grew up in the real world, she would be a teacher and an astronaut.

Christa had 5 other friends named Ellison, Judith, Gregory, Ronald, and Michael. As they walked through the factory, there were 3D projectors that Lakia had never seen before. She tried to touch it, but her hand flew right through. That freaked her out, but Christa reassured her. “Don’t worry, that is a projector. You don’t know what that is, but it makes things look like they are there. For example, a dam holds back water and that wheel is tight there–the one in the middle–is a water wheel. All the force of the water trying to break the dam flows here and pushes very hard to create energy in the future.”

They walked to the next exhibit and Christa showed her a field of tall fanlike structures.”These are called wind turbines. The wind pushes the turbines and causes them to spin and create what’s called wind energy. They finally walked to the last projector and saw nothing.”Liakia this has not been thought of yet and all the people think you will imagine this projector’s image” .Lakia then asked Christa,”Who are you anyway?” Christa replied,”We are the six victims from the Challenger shuttle disaster, but of course that has not happened yet we don’t even exist”!Even though they had a fun time talking about their lives Liakia was told there was an evil sorcerer trying to enslave the land so she needed to go. 

Chapter 4

A New Beginning for Lilac E

Lakia and Feng walked out of the facility and saw that some storm clouds were coming so they ran into a small town house and sat on the porch. Feng turned back to a girl again because she loved the rain as a girl, but as a phoenix she hated the rain. True it was beautiful in her opinion but since she was a phoenix it burned like it was acidic water. Suddenly lightning shot from the sky and made them go blind for a split second and a wizard with a witch came out of the sky and walked toward them. “Lakia run inside and get away and don’t let them get to you!”Feng yelled, as a bright light came through her .“ Run go leave!” Lakia jumped up and ran through the door only to find a very quiet and calm house with a cotton ball farmer standing in front of the door. He had a long straw mustache, googly eyes, a very small set of overalls, and a straw hat. The farmer picked Lakia up murmuring something in meeps and threw her in the closet and gestured to stay and hide.

Lakia saw him run at lightning speed grabbing everything he owned and put it next to the closet, slammed the door, and stuffed all the stuff in front of the closet. She hears him go and stuff himself into the storage area under his staircase. Lakia heard some thrashing and some explosions and everything was silent, then a screech was heard and a blinding light shone through even the small crack Lakia was looking through. The door was then broken down revealing a Feng as a super rage phoenix in her final form, some other people were fighting too Beethoven, Mozart and Alexander the great. You could hear the farmer screaming “MEEEEEEP MEEEEP!!!!!” 

When the sorcerer realized that he and the witch were outnumbered he disappeared. Feng said “thanks for the help everyone, I think we can leave now.”. Beethoven and Mozart stated “ve need to get vack to our verk!” Alexander bolted out of the room just as Feng opened the wardrobe door. The farmer crawled out of the staircase and looked like he had been squished, he then walked up to Feng and said. “ Meep me Meep Meep Meep me me me Meeeeeeep”. Feng then responded “ Sorry Phil for barging in but thanks for keeping Lakia safe while I did my business. Lakia it is time to see our house we are staying in, come along.”

Lakia then noticed that she felt like something was wrong and felt that she had an itch, and went to it and noticed there was something furry there. So she took out her pocket mirror and noticed she had ears white and red tips with three red stripes on each side of her face. “AHHHHH” she screamed, “I think i’m turning into a fox”! Feng then noticed she was growing multiple tails and exclaimed “we need to reverse this curse or you will be vulnerable!”Feng then turned back to a human girl and ran through the crowd with Lakia on her back, soon they had arrived at this fort with stars studded on the ceiling.

Chapter 5

The Final Trials

Feng was as scared as ever, her friend was cursed and did not have any idea how to reverse it and decided to try. By then Lakia was unconscious along with already having already fully grown a tail, fox ears, and slowly was growing paws, Feng then used an ancient ritual that only phoenixes had known and started a mystical gold/green light that filled the room with a big flash. Then everything was quiet, Liakia then opened her eyes and started losing the paws, she then asked “where am I? I dreamed I was seeing bright stars in the night sky and soon they were dark, there was not a light in the sky.”Feng then replied “we need to prepare for what’s next, the dark shadow is back again and if we don’t prepare your dream could come true!”

Meanwhile in the household of Phil the cotton ball farmer, his twin brothers Rick and Roll were over for dinner. They lived in Hydrainia, another cloud district that was on the other side of  Cloudia so they did not get to visit often and only got to see their brother Phil twice a year. They had just mentioned that their sister had just got married and is pregnant with a little boy! Phil then mentioned that the baby shower was next week! Ding Dong! Was the sound the doorbell made, and Phil is polite so he excused himself from the table and went to answer the door. He came out and looked outside, as he shut the door and looked beyond the porch a rope of darkness caught him and brought him to the evil sorcerer. “MEEEEEEEEEP MEEEEEEEEEEEP MEEEEEEEEEEP!” He yelled as he tried to break free, he was then taken into a dark portal and placed in a dark room. His mind then shut off and he lost track of what was happening, and that is all he remembers.

Lakia and Feng formed a plan to defeat the wizard and got to work. Lots of people helped to build the structure when it was done. The tall amplifier was very attractive. Lakia was told to hold a very light copper lighting rod that was about as tall as herself . Soon after Rock and Roll bounded over and explained that Phil had been kidnapped by someone who they think is the sorcerer. Now Liakia was as mad as ever and was ready to battle who she needed to, she remembered that Phil was kind enough to let her into his house to save her from her death! Now it was her turn to do the right thing and save him from her arch-nemesis Ankoku.

Suddenly the sky became cloudy and a thunderstorm came from nowhere, Lakia did what she practiced and hid inside the amp. “Where are you sweet little girl I won’t hurt you or your phoenix friend just come out and we can be friends.” “No I doubt it, you came to capture me too, now give back Phil!” She then raised her lightning rod and from the horrible thunderstorm lighting immediately shot onto it and miraculously without hurting Lakia magically super energized  her. She then ran and jumped off the amplifier and pulled the rod back to hit the sorcerer in which she did! “ HIEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” She yelled as she hit the sorcerer right on target just as Lakia had practiced. Then Feng’s friend Hi the flame dragon who lived in a volcano on Cloudia’s mainland came in and Feng with her wind and Heat with fire attacked the sorcerer with fire, along with wind to fuel it. They soon, along with lots of pushing from the cotton ball people, had knocked off Ankoku and he was dangling from a hand on the cloud. Lakia walked up to him and explained “this is for all of  the justice for Cloudia!!” And without skipping a beat stomped on his hand and he fell thousands of miles to the ground of the Earth. Phil was then staring mindlessly ahead of him then it shattered and the possession was gone. Lakia could also feel her curse slowly fading away, she was in awe and she gave Phil a hug. We don’t know how he felt but we think he felt good about that.

There was a moment of silence as everyone stared  in amazement, and soon everyone leaped in union and cheered as Feng and Lakia flew through the crowd and did some stunts such as loopty loops and barrel rolls. They then darted right toward their secret fort and Feng became a girl again and they talked about everything that happened that day. Soon they had discovered that they had stayed there for two days because Lilac E only has night every two days and Feng explained “ we have to go, we have stayed here for two days and we need to leave, your mother must be very worried about you being gone.” Lakia agreed to Feng’s wisdom and decided it was time to leave. When they exited the fort there was a huge parade outside for their heroic acts waiting for them knowing they had to say goodbye. Feng turned back into a phoenix and told Laia to get on her back so that they could leave and get home. As she was doing this Phil, Rock, and Roll pulled off some fluff and gave it to her as a memory of them. Lakia greatly thanked them for it and she would cherish it for her entire life. Feng then took off once again almost going to space and suddenly dived down, yet this time Lakia was not scared and put her hands in the air even as they did loopty loops. Soon they were on the ground and Lakia suddenly became tired, she found three porcelain vases and put one fluff in each vase and soon hurried off to bed, changed to her nightclothes, and told Fern why she was gone so long even though no time had gone by. Then she and Feng hurried off to bed to make up for all that time awake without any rest. Meanwhile in Lilac E, the hologram that was once empty for centuries became visible with a house powered by lightning from a supercharged lightning rod.       

Chapter 6


That night, Lakia had a strange dream. There was some sort of black hole pulling the citizens of Lilac E down to the earth and into a dark void. Then all of a sudden two angel-like figures appeared, and slowly floated down. One with a bright turquoise kimono made some aura and all of the citizens exploded out the way they came from, meanwhile the other broke the portal in two and sealed it. Next Lakia had another dream where a similar thing happened, yet this time instead of floating down gracefully the two figures lost their stance, for this time the void was much stronger so they lost balance.As they fell, Phil used his fishing rod  trying to save them but it was no use he fell in too. The figures caught him and said “ Konichiwa, we are the guardians of cloudia Kushimi and Hono. We have heard you have saved this district once before, now please help us.” After waiting for a while Phil broke the silence with his first word.” HELLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!” Kushimi and Hono then shut their eyes and fell softly into the void.

Lakia awoke with a big gasp as she comprehended what had just happened. Feng was sleeping across the room, she started twitching and woke just as abruptly as she did. “We have to go. It’s not everyday that Phil learns english! Only to communicate things that are important!” Feng slapped her forehead” Lord save me! No we are not going because of Phil, we are going so we can save Cloudia itself!” They both nodded and lept out of bed only to find Fern standing at the door. “ If you are going anywhere you’re going to need these.” She then held out their two kimonos and Feng winked at Fern. “Strange” thought Lakia. They then put them on and rushed out the door only to find darkness. Plain clear ugly darkness.

The void was spreading fast and was moving very slowly down to the earth soon to cover the sky. Because of this only a few stars had shone that night and Feng couldn’t navigate clearly. Luckily for them Feng had memorized her way to Lilac E because she was born there and loved it dearly. She turned into a phoenix and shot off into the sky to make what looked like a single beam of light in the night of darkness.

When they arrived the place seemed deserted and trashed with the things that had been pulled out yet didn’t make it into the void. A noise then started, Lakia and Feng turned around after hearing whimpering, it was coming from a house that was just behind them. Feng turned back into a girl and widened her eyes.“NO!” she screamed, and ran toward the house with tear filled eyes. She threw open the doors and ran under the wing of another phoenix, yet this one was a lot older than both of them. The phoenix’s eyes opened and she stopped whimpering and started crying “My-My little chick. You’re here alive and breathing, and don’t worry about a thing my child. Mamas here.

A picture of the guardian Kushimi

    Chapter 7

Mama’s Little Chick

“ Um Feng, who is this? I only know one phoenix and that is you.” Lakia asked

“Oh her, this is my Mother, Uindo.” Feng replied

“Wow didn’t know you had a mother, I thought you were just a magic phoenix like a genie in a bottle!”

Feng slapped her forehead” First of all you need to read a textbook on animals, every animal needs a mother, she’s the one who gives birth!!! Second of all I am a normal phoenix NOTHING like a genie in a bottle. The real story is that-”

She was cut off by the ear-splitting noise of wind picking up rapidly.” You children need to leave, the void is coming back, I will be fine. Please leave now.” Uindo told them. Feng ignored her and stayed while Lakia looked outside. The void had gotten much bigger than when it was in her dream and the dark power was making it grow much bigger. All of a sudden the wind started pulling them outside and to the edge of the cloud, as Lakia was holding on she noticed a fountain in the middle of the town that had two figures on it. One made a magic spritz of water the other made a flame in her hands, Lakia then remembered that that fountain wasn’t there in her dream and that it must have been built in honor of them.She squinted her eyes and saw the girls Kushimi and Hono “ Please be much more quick we don’t have much time I can feel it taking over.” She opened her eyes again to see Feng and Uindo about to lose their grip, she tried to jump to them but missed and went right through the window Feng and Uindo followed and all of them fell into a deep dark sleep.

When Lakia awoke she found herself bound to a metal school chair by chains. She heard some mumbling, a door open and some footsteps, something was said like “we located them we just need two more people” and “ I will get her now”.Suddenly a door opened and a man with red hair came in “Konichiwa Lakia it is I Hi the flame dragon”. “You mean like the one the banished Ankoku”? “ Yes im just in a mortal form so I do not get captured like you, now let’s get you free shall we”?

Chapter 8

Saving The Guardians

Lakia ran through the door and searched every room trying to find Feng, Uindo, Phil, Rick, Roll, or anyone else she could find. She searched every room and found lots of Cloudian either visiting or living in Lilac E, yet she couldn’t find Feng and her mother. Just then sounds of screaming erupted from the biggest door in the dark dimension, Lakia and the others bolted to the door Hi burning a hole to get inside. When they were in Lakia saw two girls, Feng, and Uindo up to their ankles in a purple and black gooey substance.

Lakia came up and tried to pull Feng out of the goo, but it was no use; it had cemented itself to Feng and was very slowly traveling up the leg. “Leave before it’s too- “ Feng had spoken too soon and two guards had picked up Hi and Lakia and threw Lakia into another giant glass tub while taking Hi to somewhere else. They then filled the tub up to her waist as he did to the others too, and Lakia felt it cement around her legs and start moving up to her stomach area. Lakia noticed Hono had a bow and some arrows with her and asked to borrow it for she had learned bow and arrow when she was a young girl. Lakia then attached her obi to the end of the arrow and shot it to a fan nearby she then pulled her obi to bring her the fan and attached the end to her tub with some of the goop.

Lakia flaped the fan in her face and threw it behind her as hard as a pro pitcher which caused her tank to flop over but it alerted the guards which put the tank upright and added more goo up to her neck. “We sense evergrowing light in you both and we can sense you are the ones who will save the world so we must use the last of our power to free you.” Kushimi said as she sparked an aura off her hand and made the goo disappear. “ Now go and run to the king’s room. There you will find your friends waiting for you, for I have freed them.”  Lakia and Feng then got up and opened the doors and they bolted down the hall to the king’s room.

Lakia, Feng, and Uindo found that what the girls had said was true and they found all the residents waiting for them. They ran in only to find Hi on the floor in the side of the room. Lakia first jumped on Feng’s back and used firepower, yet it did nothing, so they tried again, nothing. Lakia then got the hint she ran up to him and punched him and stunted him, she then did a front handspring, twirled upside down, and whilst she did that she pulled the cloak off. Meanwhile Rick got mad so he spit on the sorcerer and discovered that made him hurt so he kept doing it and soon one dark ball came out of the cloak, Lakia caught it and put it in the incinerator nearby. As soon as she did that a loud crack was heard and she spun around to see what it was, and it was the two guardians alive and free. 

The guardians walked up to Lakia and Hono said “ You have served us good will and saved the district and even the world from what could have been ruin. To show our appreciation Lakia we would like to present you with the magic fire medallion, it can be used for us to communicate and may it serve you peace and protection.”

Chapter 9

The Truth

Feng and Uindo gave everyone a ride to Cloudia after the tiring day and Feng had something to say “Um Lakia do you remember when I needed to tell you something but got cut off by the wind?”

“Yeah,” Lakia replied.

“ This is what I wanted to say, back when I was a small girl, those woods were my favorite place to play. One day I was playing on the seashore when my life changed. Mother was trying to tell me something but I couldn’t hear her so I walked over to her. What she was trying to say was to watch out but I couldn’t hear, but just then I heard a clunk and there was a dull bracelet. It was pretty so I picked it up and suddenly it started to float, that scared me so I became a phoenix and flew away, yet little did I know that it was pulling me toward it soon after a long battle  I lost and it engulfed me. Mother took it and put it where she knew her favorite person on the island would find it, and that person was a girl named Oracle. We played all day every day but phoenixes don’t grow old as fast as people do so one day she left for the city. But soon she came back this time with a little girl one day she stuffed it into a tree, then a while later you came along and found me, and that’s my very long story of myself.”

They then arrived at Lilac E where they dropped off all the residents and visitors. Feng then kissed Uindo goodbye and promised to see her again. Lakia then got on Feng’s back and then flew off to Fern’s house to say konichiwa to her Mother and to tell her everything that she had experienced that day. When they got back Fern had been waiting for them and wanted to hear everything in detail about what had happened that day. So they started at the beginning and for some reason they winked at each other again! Lakia needed a nap so she went upstairs and slid open the soji and layed on the futon and fell asleep. Fern needed to take some time to comprehend what her daughter had explained to her, for it was similar to what she would do everyday when she was Lakia’s age. That is the reason why she hid the box in the first place, to watch her daughter have just as much fun and she thought most parents would have done it differently but unlike most everyone, she believed her daughter’s story, and she knew it because she was Lakia’s idol even though no one except Feng knew that she was that little girl named Oracle playing in the clouds with her best friend Feng the phoenix.

The End

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  • What you have accomplished here is just amazing. I loved every element of your art. Way to go!

  • Oh my! YES to all of this! What a creative and beautiful story and illustration!


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