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Panther Engineering G6

Anish, Nikhil, and Roshan


We made our initial designs for our car.


We started the first model on TinkerCad. 


We finished the first model of the base of the car. It does not work well.


We printed a new solar panel car base.


Created a car and made a few adjustments. 

It was tested out. It worked fast but could be better.


We printed our new model and assembled and tested more on our old one.


We put everything onto our final car model and are currently working on finishing up our wheels to fit well with the axel and go fast. The car works and goes fast. 

We glued the wheels. We were using clamps to glue them to the axel.


We just finished putting our pinging ball holder and are about to glue it with Epoxy.


We glued our ping pong ball holder with epoxy to the car and reglued the wheel. 


We put the base of the car, and the ball holder is glued; we are now just trying to figure out the 

dimensions of the car. We also tested the car. It goes really fast and works well. It does not go very straight. We will drill hooks into the car and the string will attach to the hooks to make it go straight.


We drew a hole and are planning to drill hooks into the car. The hooks are supposed to be used to make the car go straight by attaching it to a string that will be provided for us during the competition. 

Version 1 – \

Version 2 – 

Version 3 – 

Version 4 – 

Final Version – 

Parts List

  • Solar Made Jr. Solar Sprint Kit – $29.99
  • 3D Printer Filament – $1.00
  • Laser Cut acrylic wheels – $2.00
  • Battery Pack / Switch – $4.00

Team Video

One thought on “Panther Engineering G6

  • Great job on using Tinkercad and printing your parts! It looks very unique. I bet it has a lot of advantages over the other cars. Great design!


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