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Solar Car

TEAM NAME: Carwise Sharks
SCHOOL NAME: Joseph L. Carwise Middle

Car dimensions

Width: 12.7 cm 

Wheel radius: 5cm

weight: 307 grams

Length: 39.5 cm

gear ratio: 20/40

Test Results

WeatherDistanceBattery or Solar BatterySpeedTime elapsed
sunny20 meters  battery 1.43 m/s 14sec
sunny 20 meters battery 1.33 m/s 15sec
Sunny20 meters  solar battery 1.61 m/s 12.44sec
sunny 20 meters  solar batter 1.56 m/s 12.80sec

Design Drawings

Challenges encountered while building car:

Car had to be rebuilt multiple times due to lack of design, lack of materials, uneven sizing, and changes of mind.


Project Log

2/28/23- The design was drawn, and research was done

3/3/23- The frame was made

3/7/23- Electronic work was started

3/9/23- Switch was attached to the battery and motor

3/21/23- Wheels were attached to the base, and the car was inspected for rule violations

3/23/23- car frame was modified, and the website was started

3/28/23- The car was finished

3/30/23- Website was finished

Team Members:
  • Yar B, 8th grade
  • Rita B, 8th grade

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  • That is a nice shape on your car! Your video is very informative and well done.


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