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Solar Cookers

School Name: Zellwood Elementary School.

Names: Valentin.S Derek.P.

Grades: Valentin 4th, Derek 4th.

Team name: Solar Cookers.

Facts About Foods: Foods are all from Mexico. Quesadillas were popular as well back in the day, but they were filled with pumpkin, mushrooms, and spices. It wasn’t until 1521 when Spanish settlers brought sheep, lambs, and cows with them to colonial Mexico that cheese was added and the term quesadilla was created.The quesadilla is an essential recipe and meal in the Mexican culture.

Design Documentation

This is the first model of our solar oven. Also, the racks are for the food that can stay there and cook up.

Recycled box for construction

This is the first model of our solar oven we have some space so little racks can fit in and cook up the food. Which explains that we can have more space when we have food there will be more space.

Solar Cookers Demo at Earth Day Expo- April 21, 2022


1.Aluminum foil a parent gave strong aluminum foil the other aluminum foil was weak.

Test Results

Solar Oven Temperatures – March 8, 2022

Team Design Video

Facts about team: We have never competed in a solar cook off.


We got our recipes and examples from


Tomato cilantro salsa chips

Quesadilla explosion

Churros and chocolate


Tomato cilantro salsa chips:

2 cups tomato chopped

1/2 onion chopped

1 bunch cilantro leaves only

1 clove garlic

1tb cumin seed

1 bag of tortilla chips

Quesadilla explosion:

3 flour tortillas

1/2 cup Cheddar Cheese

1/2 cup Shredded Chicken

Place tortillas in solar oven

sprinkle cheese and chicken on top

warm your tortilla, chicken and the cheese

heat until cheese is melted

4 thoughts on “Solar Cookers

  • Your webpage and photos of your cooking efforts for the Earth Day Expo are great. The temperatures you reached with an open design are pretty good.

  • Fantastic use of recycled materials and creating many levels. Great team work creating a tasty treat.
    Be sure to keep at it. Web page, data collection and video were awesome.

  • I’m impressed with the temperatures you got with this cooker. What can you do to make it even better? The food looks yummy! Great job on your temperature log.

  • Having this being showcased at the Earth Day Expo is an incredible idea! I really like the colors you used on this page to break up the sections. Part of working on a project is showcasing it. You did a great job with the webpage and the video!


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