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Solar Roller 2.0

Team members: Ellie K and Kenzie L

  • Team Members: Ellie K and Kenzie L ( Both 6th grade)
  • School: Ocean Breeze Elementary
  • 31 centimeters long
  • 7.5 centimeters tall
  • 22 centimeters wide
  • Our gear ratio is 50:10
  • The low angle of our car allows it to collect more sunlight
  • 8 ounces
  • wheel size : 2 inches
  • rubber bands over wheels help tires grip the surface
  • The cut of the front increases our arrow dynamics ( photo shown below )

Custom front on wood slab

Finish Car:

Front, back, both sides, top, bottom angles


  • Portrayed with battery pack detached


duct tape, solar panel, wood, cardboard, motor, hot glue, plastic wheels and gears, plastic straws, metal axels, rubber bands, Velcro

All materials except axels, Velcro, and and hot glue are from Mrs. Mentillo.

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