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The creators: Asser A. (4th) Asher N (4th) Sadajit S. (4th) at Orlando Science Elementary

Asser A. (4th) Asher N (4th) Sadajit S. (4th) at Orlando Science Elementary

Vehicle Design: W 11.6 cm L 34 cm H 11.9 cm

Side view

The Solar Snake:

left side view
top view
bottom view
front view
right side view

How we built it

So first we decided to use the sheet of balsa wood, then we cut it so the front was pointy. After that we cut a rectangle at the back of the sheet of wood to make space for the gear.

After that we glued the white tubes to the front and back of the base. In the front, we inserted the axle into the white tubes, then put wheels that have rubber bands on them. We did the same thing for the back but we put a gear in the space provided.

After that, we glued the motor on and attached a gear to connect with the bigger gear that was in the axle. Then, we glued the battery pack right in front of it.

Then we added two posts pointing upward to hold the solar panel later on. We also added a single post in the front also to support the panel.

Then we added a long yellow Lego brick in the middle to keep the battery pack and the ping pong ball holder which is a rubber Lego.

Next we added the solar panel and glued it to the posts we made.

Then we decorated by attaching a Lego plane propeller and a orange Lego at the front.

2 thoughts on “SOLAR SNAKES 🐍

  • Great design!

  • Is the propeller for decoration or does it actually give it some speed? It’s interesting that you put the axels on top of the balsa wood. That would save a lot of space underneath. I typically think to put them under but then it runs the risk of dragging or being too close to the ground. Excellent example of using your knowledge of science!


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