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Speed of the Panther

Team member names & jobs:

Kylie Jones- Assembly of parts

Giahna Casamassima- Online work

Both team members do any work that needs to be done but what is listed above is what was mostly completed by that member. Any activity not listed was done equally by the team.


Explanation of how the solar sprint car works & general information:

The car is powered by the solar panel which powers the motor. The motor turns gears that operate one set of wheels. The chassis seen in the images is made using wood but as further refinements are made the chassis will instead be a 3D print.

Materials used (In both prototype and final):

  • Solar car kit (gears, wheels, eyelets, spacer, etc.)
  • Solar panel
  • Motor
  • Wooden sheet
  • Cardboard sheet
  • 3D printer filament

One thought on “Speed of the Panther

  • I like how you cut out the spots for the wheels. Great idea!


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