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Super Solar Stars

By: Anushka. S(6th) & Anwesha .B(6th)

Grades- 6th

Super Solar Stars

Orlando Science School

Documentation of Car

Pictures of design

Drawing of design #1

Front View

Back view

Right View

Left View

Top View

Bottom View

Close up Pictures

Close up of adjustable panel

Close up of Ping-Pong Seat

Video for Design

Special Features

Finished Car Specifications

Car Size-

Height- 17.5 cm ( 6.89 in)

Width- 10 cm (3.94 in)

Length- 23 cm (9.06)

Car Weight-

244 g (0.244 kg)

Wheel Size-

Front Wheels: 4cm

Back Wheels: 3cm

Gear Ratio-


List Of Components(And Prices)-

-1 ray catcher solar panel(2.76V, 1,100 mA)

-Balsa wood sheets

– 2 alligator clips

-2 Pitsco GT-F Wheels

-2 Pitsco GT-R wheels

-2 screw Eyes

-1 motor

-4 nylon spacers

-2 steel axels

-1 plastic gear front

-2 rubber bands

– Wide rubber bands


– Sand paper-$2.78


-Styrofoam balls-$1

-Brush pens-$19.99

-Hot glue-$3.00


-Soldering iron-(UNKNOWN)

-Utility knife-(UNKNOWN)


Reused paper towel roll

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  • That adjustable panel is AWESOME! Great job!


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