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Team Bellagio

This is team Bellagio from the STEM Tech Academy in Melbourne, Florida. We are brother and sister and our team name comes from combining our first names. Our team meets on Saturdays at STEM Tech to work on cool projects like LEGO robotics, 3D printing and Junior Solar Sprint.

Team Members – Giovanni V. and Bella V.

Helpers/Mentors – Darrell Thomas, Nathalie Tucker, Mike Morrison

Car Design –

Our car has the motor in the front and it turns the front wheels, not the back ones like most cars. A gear is attached to the the wheel and axle. We used heat shrink to keep them together. The car is made from foam board and pieces of an old plastic sign. Our car wants to turn slightly right all the time but the string guide keeps it on track. We used parts of an old binder for the string guides.

Team Bellagio talk about their car –

Car in Motion –

This is our car being tested in the right lane on a cloudy day. We were still working on making it go faster!

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  • Your materials are very innovative. Great job persevering with your project!


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