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The Lightning Sharks

Team Information

Blue Marshmallow Lightning
Car Name: Blue Marshmallow Lightning
Team Name: The Lightning Sharks
School Name: NSU University School
Team Members Names: Hannah L. and Jack R.

Design Documentation

Top View without Solar Panel
Side View
Side View
Back View
Front View

Project Log

DateHoursTasks WorkedObstacles EncounteredModifications to Car
9/81Solar car video, looked at materials, sketched my car. 
9/151Picked out materials and cut my base. sanded base. Hard to cut base  
9/221Painted base.Couldn’t work on car after I painted. Color of car base
9/291Cut a hole in the body of the car for the gears.  
10/61Hammered the wheels 
10/201Glued wheels on to base and put rubber bands on wheels Wheels were glued on to base. 
10/271Worked on motor and circuits.
11/31Worked on motor and motor gear and put it on car. motor and circuits
11/171Replaced motor  Car crashed so had to re attach motor
12/11Put on binder ringBinder ring
12/81Worked on the supports for my solar panels. panel supports
12/151Was testing the car and I dropped it.Dropped it and it broke
1/121Worked on placement of motorMotor metal tab broke so had to replace the motormotor (again)
1/191Ran the car and tested my car
1/261made sure my car went straight and was ready
4/61Ran my solar car
4/201ran my solar car and fixed my motor that fell offmotor fell off motor (AGAIN)
4/23.5Ran my car to make sure it ran OK

Design Drawings

Design Drawing: Top View
Design Drawing: Side View

Finished Car Specifications

Car Size with PanelLength: 31cmWidth: 13 cmHeight:7 cm
Weight with Panel289 g
Wheel sizeFront wheels: 4 cmBack wheels: 4 cm
Gear Ratiomotor gear: axle gear
10 : 56 =
5 : 28

Materials Used

Approx. Cost
Pitsco Ray Catcher solar panel, , small white gear38.25
wheels, tires, an axles, axel gears – Solar Made accessory bag3.99
balsa wood2.31
spacers for bearings (4)0.26
battery pack with switch3.85
piece of black binder for eyelet0.07
alligator clips (2)0,14
masking tape
hot glue
piece of pool noodle
pipe cleaners

Test Results / Trial Runs

Test Runs 1 – date: 4/6/2022
Weather conditions: Partly cloudy
When the sun was out we ran on panel.

Observations of results: My car ran straight and fast.
Any recommendations for improvements:
AttemptTime, sDistance, mSpeed, m/s
1 – panel6.0714.52.39
2 – panel5.8014.52.50
3 – panel5.6014.52.59

Test Runs 2 – date: 4/20/2022
Weather conditions: partly cloudy
We ran on solar panel

Observations of results: My car wheel came off.
Any recommendations for improvements:
AttemptTime, sDistance, mSpeed, m/s
1 – panel7.19202.78
2 – panel6.50203.08

Test Runs 3 – date: 4/23/2022
Weather conditions: Cloudy
Ran on battery

Observations of results: My car ran well
Any recommendations for improvements:
AttemptTime, sDistance, mSpeed, m/s
1 – battery7.56202.65
2 – battery7.40202.70
3 – battery7.00202.86

Vehicle Features Video

Additional Information

This is what I thought my solar car would look like when I first started

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  • I am glad to see that you kept at it. Things are not always going to work perfectly the first time and you kept going and your hard work paid off!


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