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The Sunshine Sharks

Team Information

Car Name: Megalodon
Team Name: The Sunshine Sharks
School Name: NSU University School
Team Members Names: Polina S. and Hannah R.

Design Documentation

Project Log

DateHoursTasks PerformedObstacles EncounteredModifications to Car
2/21I learned about the competition, looked at other cars, then planned out my car.It was difficult for me to come up with an idea for my car because I had never done it before.
3/21I got a piece of balsa wood for the body. I chose large wheels for the back and smaller wheels for the front. I hammered the large gear on the back axel and put on the two back wheels with spacers.
hammered my wheels.
body done
3/91I glued on my motor and back and front motor fell off 2 times, and my front wheels fell off 1 time.Wheels and motor attached
3/161I made my ball holder. I tested my car on battery in the hall.added ball holder
3/231I made the panel holders and used velcro to attach my solar panel. I tested my car inside.Velcro kept falling offadded panel supports and panel
3/301Then I got my battery pack on and my
binder comb on
my binder comb fell offadded battery pack
4/6.5Tested my car during recess
4/7.5Tested my car during recess
4/201School Competitionfront wheels fell off
4/21.5Glued wheels back on and made sure it went straight

Design Drawings

Finished Car Specifications

Car Size with PanelLength: 33 cmWidth: 11 cmHeight: 7.5 cm
Weight with Panel 122.94 g
Wheel sizeFront wheels: 3.5 cmBack wheels: 4 cm
Gear Ratiomotor gear: axle gear

Materials Used

Approx. Cost
Solar Made solar panel, motor20.99
black gears (2 x 0.34)0.68
front wheels with axel (accessory pack)3.99
axel for back2.50
back wheels0.30
balsa wood2.31
spacers for bearings5.45
piece of black binder for eyelet0.07
alligator clips0.14
masking tape
hot glue
card board
balsa wood for supporting panel and attaching binder comb

Test Results / Trial Runs

Test Runs 1 – date: 4/6/2022
Weather conditions: Partly cloudy
Ran on panel

Observations of results: My car went straight
Any recommendations for improvements:
AttemptTime, sDistance, mSpeed, m/s

Test Runs 2 – date: 4/7/2022
Weather conditions: Sunny
Ran on Panel

Observations of results: My car went straight
Any recommendations for improvements:
AttemptTime, sDistance, mSpeed, m/s

Test Runs 3 – date: 4/20/2022
Weather conditions: sunny most of the time
Battery or Panel: I ran on panel

Observations of results: I felt like my car went well but my wheel fell off so I only ran twice.
Any recommendations for improvements: Going to reinforce with adult hot glue so it doesn’t fall off easily
AttemptTime, sDistance, mSpeed, m/s

Vehicle Features Video

Additional Information

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