Empowering Student Innovation for a Clean Energy Future

Division: M (6-8)
School: Wellington Landings Middle Team Size: 3


Meet the Wellington Landings Middle School Team!

Team members (from L to R):

Lily K- 6th-grade student

Stephanie P- 6th-grade student

Sifana P- 6th-grade student

Thinking “outside the box“…….

The Process:

We started with two different sized construction tubes that we found in the closet. We placed one tube within another tube. We then used recycled newspaper to insulate the interstitial space between the tubes, and used silver electrical tape used to line inside of tube.
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Several adjustments were made to widen the “window” opening, each time temporarily taping Saran Wrap across the opening to run our tests.
We added the Umbrella and Mirrors to “boost” the temperatures.


Finally, we added a piece of plexiglass and handle attached by hinges.
The window on top opens to place food on cooking rack.
Plexiglass ends allow additional light to enter.

Materials We Used:

  • 2 Construction tubes
  • newspaper
  • black paint
  • black duct tape
  • plexiglass
  • “space” tape (silver electrical tape)
  • cooking rack
  • umbrella
  • tinfoil
  • adhesive glue
  • mirrors


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Here are Lily, Stephanie, and Sifana gluing the tin foil to the umbrella.
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Here Is Stephanie measuring the window in the tube!

Extra Help!

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Here is our teacher, Mrs. Heidrich, helping cut the tube!

One of our MANY Prototypes:

DATA: Our highest temperature reached was 190 degrees F/ 88 degrees C. While our temperatures did not reach as high as others, our cooker HELD its temperatures with cloud cover, wind, and dropping air temperatures for longer durations.

Our Menu:

Thinking “outside the box” for solutions to Global Warming.

Our Video:

We love Solar Cooking!

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