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Turbo Jets

Zellwood Elementary

Kevin V. 5th grade

Nathanael C. 5th grade

Luke D. 4th grade

Side of the car 11-15-22

We began on working on our solar car base . we marked the location were different part of the car would be located. We are working on the car and Kevin is working on the support for the solar panel. Kevin, Natheanel and luke are working on ideas, our teacher is helping us build and giving us ideas. We also glued parts to the car. we are staring on the front wheels with Luke . 9-13-22

Nathanael made some jet stickers to add some details to the car, on the front sides of the car we added the team logo (turbo jets). We also painted it to give it some character. 11-9-22

We added the solar panel on top of the car ,this will help the car to move with the energy of the sun. It also has back up supply of energy with the batteries for a cloudy day. 11-15-22

Once we put the solar panel on the car we tested it in the hallway because it was cloudy outside. 11-15-22

Tuesday, November 15, we tested the car but there was a problem the string was rubbing the wood so we put tape on the bottom of the car. We are going to test it again to see if it works.

Left angle of the car 11-15-22

Back of the car 11-15-22

Bottom of the car 11-15-22

Kevin’s car design

Luke’s car design

Nathanael’s car design

Thing’s we needed to build the car:

Finished Car Specifications:

25 cm length, 14 cm width, 12 cm height

We had to put tape on the bottom of the car for the friction.

Gear-h 40 tooth 2mm

solar panel engine

4 thoughts on “Turbo Jets

  • The design is very solid. Good job.
    I was curious about the piece on the side that looks like a marker. What is that and what does it do?

  • I loved the use of different materials! Unique work. Fun. Exciting. Keep up the good work!

  • Future Solar Business Owner I love this
    Very Good stay focused in Florida this is very important

  • I love your enthusiasm. It was so much fun to see your excitement once the car worked. Isn’t that a great feeling?


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