How to Participate — duplicate

This process is the same for EnergyWhiz held in-person at FSEC and for EnergyWhiz Virtual.
For regional events, check with the local organizers.

1. Register

  • Click here to go to the registration page.
  • One account is used for each teacher or coach.
  • The login information you create will be used for everything (paying, creating teams, adding project content).
  • Share your login information with your students so they can create their project pages online.
  • (Not ready to register yet? Get email updates instead.)

2. Secure Your Team Slots

Use the appropriate online store to pay for your team(s) competition registration fees.

EnergyWhiz In-Person Event Store

EnergyWhiz Virtual Event Store

3. Develop A Project

Each team develops a project associated with that particular competition and documents the project building process.

4. Create A Project Web Page

The team creates a web page to share their project information that may include log pages, images, video, tables, etc.
Take a look at projects from the past.

Learn how to create a project web page, plus add images and video to it:

Impatient? Want to know how to add videos to your projects, now?

Discover more block types to customize your project web page:

5. Attend the Event(s)

Mark your calendar for the appropriate EnergyWhiz event(s).
Plan to participate and enjoy all that EnergyWhiz has to offer!