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☺️Our dream kitty home and froggy home☺️

The group (left to right) Maliya, Isabella, Mariella, Ameena, and Aya (Maria is absent)

We chose to have two different types of animals.But that makes it even more exotic.Our team has 6 people Ameena, Aya,Isabella, Maliya,Maria, and Mariella. We are also 4th graders Mrs. Yesenko’s students home room.

Engineering Design Process

At first we had 2 different ideas and we had to come together to make one project and we are making our projects separately and we will put them together once we finish our projects and it will kind of be like a pet hotel for cats and frogs it will be 2x better. when we started we looked online to search pics of cat homes and cat pics for inspiration.we had a fight but eventually compromised. So our home will have both habitats connected.The cat part of the project is big and has a litter box and cat tree we got the design from pictures on the internet and litter box from a team member and a little bed for the cat and toys from experience with cats. We all make different sketches and ideas and inspiration from computers and images.This was the cat part of the project now for the frogs.The frog part is really interesting.The reason why is because the base we got the idea by a frog cage Where we got the idea is because we have experiance. it is really creative because we will put them together at the end.

the entire group

kitty house materials


.Cotton balls
.Plastic bottles
.Hot glue gun\hot glue

.Toilet rolls

.Paint brushes


.kinetic sand


.Bubble wrap

.Fishing string

.Popsicle sticks

Frogo home materials

fairy lights


fairy garden chair and pole

wood planks

tiny blue bin


shag carpeting

white paint

hot glue

we worked really hard on this,so we hope you enjoy!☺️

We would like to thank Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) for sponsoring the teams at our school for this competition. 

30 thoughts on “☺️Our dream kitty home and froggy home☺️

  • its a great project

  • Good work, i love the project

  • I love your little home!!

  • Great Job on the project. I love the house. Looks like you spent I lot of time and energy on it, while equally having a lot of fun

  • this project is very well made!

  • This project is so well done!

  • Great work , your project is nice and i love it have a great day

  • Nice job making this

  • The design of your Frog and Kitten home is very well planned out! Your group has combined two very different home environments into one that will fit the needs of Frogo and Kitten!

  • Wonderful job on both projects! Frogs and cats would be so lucky to have a home like the ones you girls created!

  • Excellent idea! You love and care about animals. Keep up!

  • I love it. It was creative how you put the fake grass around the box it creates a good enviorment for the animal. I liked how you put the little chair for frogo.

  • Good job on combing ideas!

  • I love how you guys put the grass and how you put the mini furniture!!!

  • The way you designed it and worked through the Engineering Design Process is awesome. Talking about ideas and figuring out where to even start is sometimes the hardest part of a group project. Well done!

  • I like that you used grass on the outside.

  • WOW! I love the look of your project, the grass adds a nice touch and the little bench is adorable! The kitty home is cute as well and i love the fact that you guys added a tower for the kitty to climb on.

  • This project looks amazing! I love the pictures.

  • Aya your project is pretty cool i love how you made the sides grass.

  • I love the project but my favorite is the shag carpeting.

  • I love your project keep it up

  • I love the frogo home!The frogo home is very decorated and organized!The kitty home is perfect for the kitty to sleep and play on!c:

  • I love the homes!

  • I love your guys project and l love the shag carpeting it looks so good keep up the good work!

  • I love the frogo home!The frogo homne is very decorated and organized!The kitty home is perfect for the kitty to sleep and play on!c:

  • Nice project I like the materials and teamwork. Keep it up!

  • Your project looks great! I love that you followed the Engineering Design Process!! You all worked so well together as a team!


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