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Climate Change – Not Good, Action Needed

Team Information

Team Members Names: Hannah L., Ellie W., and Ava B.
School Name: NSU University School
Grade Level: Two 4th Graders and One 3rd grader

Multimedia Climate Change/Sea Level Rise Art Project

Our Multi-Media Art Project is meant to increase public awareness of the climate change crisis and sea level rise.
This is the version for the Time Lapse. You can see the counter showing the number of centimeters the sea has risen since 1990.

About Our Project

Our piece of artwork focuses on the topics of climate change and sea level rise. We represent that topic with a melting iceberg and all of life that it affects with a polar bear and arctic fox. As this competition day goes on, our iceberg slowly starts to melt, just like icebergs in real life. Because temperatures are rising, the icebergs are melting and as the iceberg melts down, the sea level goes up. We all have to care about what is happening.

Acrostic Poem

Clay Sculptures of Polar Bear and Arctic Fox with Cub

The Polar Bear and the Artic Foxes are handmade from clay. We sculpted the iceberg from recycled Styrofoam.

Time Lapse Video of Shrinking Iceberg

This time lapse video is meant to dramatize the shrinking icebergs, sea level rise, and the affect it is having on humans and animals. We made a time lapse video to show how the icebergs are melting causing the sea level to rise. Notice that the website we show ( shows how many centimeters the sea level has risen since 1990. It is hard to not want to do something about his problem when you see that it is rising more every second.

The current climate change situation is




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