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My T-shirt design consists of a Solar panel on our house roof and a solar cooker for cooking food

5 thoughts on “Advika

  • Solar is smart, and so is your design. Great job!

  • Advika, you are right! Both solar panels and solar cookers show smart energy! Your design does a good job showing exactly how the sun helps with that!

  • The design of your solar oven is very clever. I like how the lid is reflecting/refracting the light and sending it down to the food. I have had chocolate melt in a solar oven but I have not figured out how to make a solar oven that will melt cheese on an English muffin pizza yet. Maybe this design will do it!

  • That’s a great drawing of a solar cooker and PV panels, that shows two of the competitions that go on at EnergyWhiz, nice idea.

  • I like your T-Shirt sketch of the solar panels and cooker and how they are being powered by the sun. Your use of words on the back of the shirt is very catchy.


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