An Idea of Bioluminescence

Name: Jackson M.

School: Orlando Science charter School

Grade: 2

Hello, my name is Jackson M. I go to Orlando Sience Charter School. My panting is called “ An idea of Bioluminescence”. After I learned about bioluminescence at school, I had an idea.  Instead of using electricity for lighting, we could use bioluminescence which is a clean energy produced by living things.

We all know that most of electricity we use in daily life is coming from burning gas or coal, which costs a lot of co2, and it is very bad for the environment and hurting the earth.

Bioluminescence is a natural phenomenon where living organisms produce light through a chemical  reaction. 

Many marine organisms like some kinds of jellyfish, plankton, and deep sea creatures exhibit by bioluminescence. 

On land, fireflies, some kind of mushrooms, and some bacteria also have this ability. 

I used a lightbulb to represent “an idea”, also it’s a symbol of electricity. 

The giant squid is represent the living creatures that could light up by using bioluminescence,  not the electricity. 

In my final work, I used neon paint, so my picture could glow in the dark just like bioluminescence in the deep sea.

In conclusion, I hope my idea could really work in the future. I could be a super hero, and I want to save the earth with my idea of bioluminescence. 

One thought on “An Idea of Bioluminescence

  • I loved your idea and really enjoyed hearing you talk about your project at Energy Whiz. The fact that you took that idea and made it into art is amazing!

    I asked Google Gemini for more information that you might be interested in. Here is what it wrote for you:
    Bioluminescence is a fascinating phenomenon and your artwork is a great way to showcase its potential. Here are some cool facts about bioluminescence that you might find interesting:

    * Most bioluminescent organisms live in the ocean, where sunlight doesn’t reach. They use their light to attract prey, communicate with each other, or even camouflage themselves.
    * The light produced by bioluminescence is called “cold light” because it releases very little heat. This is much more efficient than the incandescent bulbs we use today, which waste a lot of energy as heat.
    * There are many different chemicals involved in bioluminescence, but the two most common ones are luciferin and luciferase. Luciferin is like a fuel, and luciferase is the enzyme that makes it glow.
    * Scientists are already exploring ways to use bioluminescence for things like lighting our homes and streets. It’s an exciting area of research, and your idea of using bioluminescence as a clean energy source is spot on!
    Keep up the great thinking, Jackson. You might just be the superhero who saves the Earth with bioluminescence!

    Here is an article that you might want to look at about bioluminescent plants.


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