Animal Extravaganza

Timber Lakes Elementary School – Project ”Animal Extravaganza”

We are group of 5th graders from Timber Lakes Elementary School. Our names are Madison B., Zachary R., and Jehudiel V.

PURPOSE: The purpose of project is to spread awareness about the danger that mangroves are in that will effect our world including a big impact on animals. Mangroves have been in danger because of deforestation, over fishing, and climate change. This can change everything for our future.

Hard at work ready to start spreading awareness

Our group has been working hard each Friday for weeks now. We started from scratch with just a plain white rain barrel transforming it into a beautiful scene of the Everglades. Madison B., Zachary R., and Jehudiel V. first painted the background with non-harmful bee paint after, Zachary used chalk to draw the outlines, Madison and Jehudiel worked on painting the animals and together we made a beautiful rain barrel art piece that sends a message to protect the mangroves while also conserving rain water to use in our school garden.

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  • Really great job! Your team did an awesome job using the video to explain your project.


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