Aquaponic Fish Tank

One of the most important parts of keeping a tank clean is the filter pump. The unfortunate truth of these pumps is that because of cheap they are, they are wasteful and tend to not last long and require constant switching of the filter itself and waste a lot of materials, including charcoal which is made of plant materials or even petroleum. So what would the alternative be for the most important part of a healthy fish tank? The answer is a lot greener than you might imagine.

As displayed in the images, there are three small fish that are keeping inside the tank. Despite the small form factor of the tank, the fish have been living comfortably within the tank for approximately 10 days at the time of writing this. The water shows no signs of being filled with waste products and the fish are living comfortably. Additionally, the plants show no signs of wilting or degradation.

Materials List:

  • recycled M&M jar
  • recycled clear plastic cup
  • bulb plant
  • extra plants meant for filtration
  • drill

Team Info-

Team Name: 3 Gecs
School Name: Lakewood High School
Student Names: Kieran B.- Grade 10, Borislava N.- Grade 10, Macie S.- Grade 10
Habitat Animal: Fish


AMSET program and the AP environment teacher guidance on how to properly take care of a fish

Macies fathers supervision when using tools

8 thoughts on “Aquaponic Fish Tank

  • Great idea, good execution.

  • Great concept! Very sustainable design and use of recycled materials!

  • Looks like a great concept! I wonder if you could incorporate a solar powered pump if this were in an outdoor setting. This is a great idea for a home aquarium, but would also be a great boost for Florida agriculture for growing edible plants and farming fish, although I’m sure you don’t plan on consuming those critters you just made a habitat for! Outstanding team work and great marketing piece.

  • Really nice design on your marketing flyer. You all worked incredibly well as a team and I can see you touched on a subject matter, “Aquaponics”, that is so important to all of our futures and food security. Nice job pointing out the benefits of Aquaponics especially the minimal use of water and no fertilizer needed. We should all be growing our own food this way. Good job.

  • Fantastic project! I’m impressed with your realization that it’s important to find cleaner alternatives for current filters. Way to go, Macie, Kieran and Borislava.

  • I’m sure the fish love the fresh water! Nice job!

  • I’m really impressed! I had no idea that you could combine having a fish tank with being able to grow plants at home as well. I love the idea that it takes a lot less water to be able to keep these plants thriving, and that there is an amazing balance between the fish and the plants keeping each other alive and growing. Best of all, you were able to use recycled goods and cut down on the pesticides that harm our earth. Great project, 3 Gecs!


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