Around The World!

Hello, this is our 2022-2023 Energy Transfer machine!

We belong to Carillon Elementary!

We are in the ET machine competition, and in the Elementary Division!

The name of our machine is… Around the World!

Let’s meet the world explorers!

Here are a few glimpses of our journey to make it around the world!

Aziz and Danny working on the lever connecting the plane to the zipline!
Aanya and Justina working on designing the winter wonderland in the beginning of the machine!
Anika and Justina working on “mapping out” the continents on the chair dominoes!
Anika working on getting the globe to spin.. !
Danny and Justina working on getting the chair dominoes to stand in a dynamic angle!

Here is a step by step review of our stretch to make it around the globe!

So first we start at the North Pole with our festive pup knocking down the golf ball as it goes through a winter wonderland! Next it knocks dominoes which eventually pulls our plane down and launches us into the first leg of our journey! Also, Santa’s helper is 100% battery activated. The battery allows the pup to rock back and forth and knock down the golf ball.

When the plane is about to take off, it triggers the meter stick which acts like a lever hence it activates the zip-line, in other words, we have taken off and started the phase 2 of our journey!
Next this zipline takes the crew down and sets off a stream of dominoes and books, disguised as our countries! We start off in Colombia!
As you can see we are now roaming through the streets of Italy and flying through Brazil!
Now we have larger dominoes or should we say… Our main continents! After we have traveled through the continents we will come across a ladder, the last climb of our journey!
Now we have a trapezoid, this is almost like a key, to bring us to the last section of our goal to go around the world! The trapezoid is holding a cardboard that when knocked over will allow us to continue!
Here you can see the poster board being knocked down, and it’s about release the yellow gold ball which after sliding down the ramp will knock down the blue ball and after all that the blue ball will go down in to the metal rings and land in the cup!
After the blue ball lands into the cup it releases a car, this car is taking us to our final destination! Afterwards, the car will knock the yellow ball down, causing our end goal of spinning our globe, and we’ll finally make it…
After numerous attempts our crew has finally made it around the world!

Here Are Some Highlights of Our Around the World Theme!

Now It’s Time for You to See Our Expedition in Action!

11 thoughts on “Around The World!

  • I love this! This was very involved and you can see all the hard work that went into it. Well done!

  • This was so exciting to see and creative! I loved the idea of traveling around the world! Great team work!

  • Your theme is wonderful. I love how you carried the theme throughout the energy transfer machine.

  • This is amazing!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Great documentation of your project. It looks like you all had a lot of fun in the process. The theme is great as well.

  • I am so impressed with your project. Awesome job!!

  • I liked the scale and theme!

  • I love love love your theme for the ETM. Very creative and well executed. Great job!!

  • What an amazing display of energy transfer. You guys did great, congratulations! Loved how perfect the timing was. The energy transfer began, just as the barking Christmas dog stopped.

  • This is excellent work. Well done you brilliant and hardworking kiddos. Keep it up . Congratulations, love and best wishes for all your ventures!!


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