Blossom’s Best

Eva (4th Grade) Kate (4th Grade) Genevieve/Evie (4th Grade)

We are the famous extraordinary Blossoms Best! We made a flower representing all three types of energy (wind, water and solar power) Evie did the petal that represents wind power. Kate did the petal representing water energy and Eva made the petal that shows solar power.

Solar Power Water Power Wind Power

These are the pictures we will use on the petals representing the types of energy whiz. On the real project the pictures are black and white.

2 thoughts on “Blossom’s Best

  • A very pretty and fun way to represent different types of power! Great job.

  • Really nice project! Thank you for detailing which person worked on each aspect of the project. I would have liked to hear more about why you chose the flower and why this was important to your team. We hope to see you at EnergyWhiz!


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