Colors in Movement 🌈

Team member: Adam (K)


  • Colored Dominoes
  • Inclined panel
  • Lever
  • Pulley
  • Wedge
  • Wood Arch
  • Bell


The world of gaming particularly inspires me.

One of my all-time favorite games is Mario Kart, and I am fascinated by how the game combines speed, strategy, and skill. The colorful race tracks and dynamic characters in the game have always captured my imagination, and I am constantly inspired by the possibilities they present.

That is why I have chosen to use colored dominoes for the Energy Transfer Machine. These dominoes provide a fun and interactive way to explore the concept of energy transfer. They allow me to incorporate the bright colors and dynamic shapes that I love from the Mario Kart universe.

I used simple machines like a pulley, wedge, wood arch, inclined panel, and wood arches as obstacles.

I had to reassemble it and try 15 times until I succeeded!

Through my project, I hope to inspire others to think about energy differently and consider its vital role in our lives. I believe that art has the power to communicate complex ideas in a way that is both accessible and engaging, and I am excited to be using my creativity to promote a greater understanding of the world around us.

Thank you!

Final Video

16 thoughts on “Colors in Movement 🌈

  • You showed a great example of perseverance by the multiple times of working on your project to reach your ETM goal. Great job!

  • What a great project! I’m so proud of you! 💕 Grandpa loves you.

  • I love it… So funny and creative… I will try it

  • Felicitaciones Adam por ser un estudiante tan aplicado y brillante.

  • Love all the colors!!

  • Great job Adam for being persistent and patient in doing this project. I love the colors. Amazing

  • Adam, this is such an amazing job. You must really have a lot of patience to work on something so detailed! I am impressed with your perseverance and determination. Great job!

  • Great Job Adam! The colors you used in your project are bright and captivating! It makes the race track look exciting and vivid, just like the race tracks in Mario Kart. It’s fascinating to see the energy transfer between the dominoes and your perseverance really paid off! I am so proud of you!

  • Great Job! Very colorful and fun.

  • Great Job Adam!!!

  • I see that you had to reset it over ten times! When we are working with our Energy Transfer Machines, that is one of the hardest parts is resetting and trying again. It helps us develop perseverance, which is an important skill that is needed in the world. I wonder what would happen if you had it knock something off of the table? Could it continue on the floor? Seeing it from the top makes me think of someone’s name being spelled out in Dominoes. Great job!

  • Good job Adam! It’s exciting to see each piece fall.

  • This is so much fun, I’ve always wanted to try it myself. Congratulations on this beautiful project.


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