Critter Comfort Cottage – Nohat

Group: Nohat

Members: Matteo S (10th). and Noah W (10th).


Type of animal: Bird

We chose this animal because it was simple to make a house for, and they are very plentiful in this area.
Team Contribution: Noah designed and printed the house, while I tested it, and made the advertisements and videos.
Energy Efficient Designs: The house is easy to print, and does not take much time. PLA is also safe for animals, and does not produce toxic chemicals into the air

Helping Pieces:

We used a 3D printer with animal-safe PLA filament to construct the house. This choice was fun to do because we got to design the house ourselves using a software called AutoDesk Inventor Professional, a 3D design software. I also used Adobe Photoshop for the advertisement. We encountered challenges such as long print times, design errors, and general breaks. We were able to overcome these challenges by refining our design, and using the best type of filament and print settings for the job.

How it performed:

Our habitat worked very well, and was able to hold onto a tree without falling, even through wind and rain. We chose this design because it was simple, and provided ample space for the bird to lie in. It also allows the bird to create it’s own nest inside.


-3D Printer
-PLA Filament
-String to hold house on branch
-Super glue to hold roof on top


Nohat Bird House on Vimeo


4 thoughts on “Critter Comfort Cottage – Nohat

  • Glad to see your use of 3D printing. Hope the birds enjoy!

  • Very creative use of 3D printing! Good use of technology for the future!

  • Very unique design. Nice work utilizing AutoDesk to create your own bird house design. Great job.


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