School: Apollo Middle School

Team Members

Abigail S (7th)

These are the different main components

this is the explanation video

3 thoughts on “Disappointment

  • Great concept using recycled materials and you have great artistic skills. The video is very effective and explains the concept well. Great job presenting the facts and information.

  • This artwork is very effective in communicating a big problem. Your explanation video helped me to better understand the details of the problem and is a call to action. Very impressive!

  • Abigail, thank you for sharing the facts in your video. This was great information. Nice job utilizing recycled materials in the overall project. Your artwork is very eye catching and the dimensions intriguing. I can feel the disappointment through the use of color and in the stance of the man on the landfill. I also enjoyed the fine details depicted in the mans head representing earth. Fantastic work.


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