Hi! This is team Disridnis from the STEM Tech Academy in Melbourne, Florida. Our team meets on Saturdays to work on cool projects like Energy Transfer Machine, Junior Solar Sprint and LEGO League.

I am the one team member and I am in the Elementary School Division

The name of my solar car is  “Disridnis” because I want the car to represent me and my imagination so I used my first, middle and last name mixed together.

Team Member – Madison Jorden

Helpers –

  • Mike Morrison
  • Darrell Thomas

Car Design –

It’s shaped like a plane or lamp. It’s made out of foam board, and it has a V-Shaped cut-out for the front wheel. It has three wheels to save weight.

Car in Motion –

This is the Disridnis in the right lane on a cloudy day at late morning.

“Disridnis” gets a good run on a cloudy day!

One thought on “Disridnis

  • Wow, look at that car go! Great design and execution Madison. Congratulations!


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