Dragon Lair Protector

Lillian, 4th grade Digital Learner @ Buck Lake

First impression!

My name is Lillian and I am in 4th grade. I am the only member of this team, but my mom and dad (who are 39) helped a lot with the problem solving side of things.

My solar car: The Dragon’s Lair!

The Front!


The rest of the pictures of my solar car:

Video links!

Here are the the links to my team explanation & vehicle performance.

team explanation: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0XHHWN2m3dphgj1_yoH2Yjdaw

vehicle performance: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11z24bclpI7hA4x8jBczIek5pV1YEVWWC/view?usp=sharing


H: 18 3/4 cm W: 27 cm including the axles L: 37 1/2 cm

Flow of Energy

The energy that powers my solar car starts at the sun. The light energy flows from the sun to the solar panel, which converts it into electricity, and through the wires to the motor. The motor uses the electricity to spin the 1st pulley wheel, causing the rubber band to move and spin the 2nd pulley wheel. The 2nd pulley wheel is attached to the axle, making the axle spin also. Since the wheels are attached to the axle, they rotate, moving the entire car forward.


Balsa wood, 3-volt solar panel, motor, bamboo kabob sticks, hot glue, wax, T-Rex tape, scotch tape, metal, paper, feather boa, origami paper, wires and alligator clips, pulleys, medium wheels, and craft sticks.

Trouble Shooting

Problem 1: My car wasn’t moving! My mom and I figured out that my motor was spinning inside my gear, and my gear wasn’t moving. (The hole on the gear was too large. It wasn’t staying in one position on the motor.)

Solution 1: Switch to pulleys! If one thing doesn’t work, try another. I switched to pulleys and it’s working really well.

Problem 2: My solar panel had to be removable! My teacher needed all the solar panels back after we finished our projects. So, since I couldn’t use permanent glue, I used wax. But well… wax melts in sunlight.

Solution 2: After I looked at some other team’s ideas for attaching their solar panels, I decided to attach the solar panel to the bamboo skewers with hot glue, which would come off easily.

12 thoughts on “Dragon Lair Protector

  • Thanks, all of you! I agree with the dragon segments. 🙂

  • Your design is awesome! Way to go, Lillian!
    Wallace Knight
    LCS Science Curriculum Developer

  • I think you did a GREAT job on the solar car with the design.

  • I love how you added the feathers! The car went fast and smooth. The name Dragon Lair Protector is a cool name keep up the great work Lillian!

  • Great job!! I love how you solved the problem on problem 2 because my teacher taught me the best way to learn is by learning from you’re piers!!

  • I love the feathers! Dragon’s lair is a cool name!

  • I LOVE your creativity on the design! i also liked your problem solving with your car.

  • Dragons are one of my favorite monsters! I really wished I listed the problems and solutions! Good idea listing your materials!

  • I love how you added the feathers behind the ping-pong ball it is soooo cool! I love the design!

  • Your problem solving is awesome! Love the decorations and theme. Dragons rule! Great job!

  • nice work on the problem solving! i loved the theme

  • Great determination with your problem solving! And very creative as well. That car sure moved fast, so congratulations on a job well done!


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