Energy Driven Life

This piece surrounds the concept of how different sources of life are driven by energy and the representation that we are constantly driven and attracted to the energy we need. The two entities represent the plant life. Plants are attracted to the sun because they need thermal and light energy to photosynthesize. As represented by the artwork, the two plant-like entities are reaching for the sun trying to catch the sunlight in their hands to achieve one of the very important steps of photosynthesis.

Design Process:
My initial idea was to create a concept piece inspired by how art is affected by energies. I researched the process of photosynthesis and learned that plants need thermal and light energy to be able to photosynthesize and grow, the regular habit of plants is growing towards the sun which inspired the piece that shows two plant-like hands reaching for the bright sun in the center and gaining the thermal and light energy that they need to flourish. – Andy Echevarria Vega

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