Energy Knights

Shadow Box

Lockmar Elementary

Abigail B., Adrianna B., Camden L., Cayden M., Everett W., and Markus B.

All team members are in the 3rd grade.

Our art piece was inspired by renewable energy. We wanted to showcase how the world could look in different sanieros. The center represents the world as it is today, some pollution but people that care about our planet like us. The top is our ideal world, where everyone takes care of Earth, respects animals, and uses green living. Green living is making choices that conserve and preserve the Earth’s natural resources and habitats. The bottom layer is what we do not want to happen to the Earth, it is where people stop caring and make Earth a hard place to survive.


Mixed – we chose a mixed medium for our art exhibit. We combined several different styles into our shadow box. We used items such as paint, beads, foam, straws, popsicle sticks, legos and much more.

This project was done as a team. Together we researched, planned, designed and built our art piece. Every team members opinion and contribution is included into this art piece.

The Top Shadow Box

Our top shadow box was inspired by how we want the world to be. People are green living, meaning they are using renewable resources.

The animals, plants and people are happy.

Everyone takes care of the Earth and chooses to make it a better place.

The Middle Shadow Box

This is how we see Earth now. Some people care about the Earth but not everyone is involved in recycling and cleaning. Some people use solar power, wind turbines, and other renewable resources.

The Bottom Shadow Box

This is what we think the world would be like if everyone chose to stop caring. The planet would not be a safe place for plants, animals, or people to live.

3 thoughts on “Energy Knights

  • This must have taken a lot of teamwork to complete this. Learning how to work together towards a common goal is something that will benefit you in many things to come!

  • Great job guys. I can really see a difference between the top and the bottom. You’re art project highlights the difference we can make by recycling and using renewable energy.

  • Wow! I was really surprised by all of the detail and your project really made an impact. Using this type of visual where one can see that things could get better or worse really makes you think about your personal impact on the health of our world. Great job team!


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