Galactic Warriors

Charley C., Ryan P., 6th Grade, Cape View Elementary

We created an ETM called Galactic Warriors. It was a challenge. We thought it was going to be easy, but it was not. Our car is the battery powered part of our ETM. That was the hardest part – making sure that the marble hit the button on the top of the car just right and that the car did not go off the track. We needed to catch the car after it hit the marble at the end of the track because one of our cars fell to the ground and was damaged. So we decided to catch it after it hit the marble. The easiest part was the beginning – the marble run at the top is held to the bulletin board with duct tape and push pins.

One thought on “Galactic Warriors

  • The marble swirl is my favorite. I think I need to find one of those. That is awesome!


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