Team Member – Angie Bahi

Hi! This is team Galaxian from the STEM Tech Academy in Melbourne, Florida. Our team meets on Saturdays to work on cool projects like Energy Transfer Machine, Junior Solar Sprint and LEGO League.

I am the one team member and I am in the Middle School division.

The name of my solar car is  “Galaxian” because it a video game and the character is protecting the world. Solar power will save the world .

Helpers –

  • Darryl Thompson, coach/mentor
  • Mike Morrison, mentor
  • Terrance Gains, coach/photographer
  • Kahludh, coach/mentor
  • Ryan Arriaga, peer helper

Car Design –

The gear ratio is 3:1, I picked this because if I pick a higher gear ratio the solar car will run slower but if I pick a lower one it won’t start. The material that I used is a for-sale sign because it is lightweight, the balsa wood is weak but the sale sign is stronger. I use beads to keep the wheels steady so they won’t rub the board.

Angie explains the concept behind her car

Car in Motion

Galaxian in the right lane it was a sunny day and it was early afternoon

“Galaxian” gets a run in less than 8 seconds!

One thought on “Galaxian

  • Wow! That sure was fast, what’s the speed limit in that parking lot! Great work and very poised in your presentation and description of your project. Sounds like you were very happy with the car’s test run! Congratulations.


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