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Grand Champ

Rodgers MS

Team Members: Noah and Zion
Team/Car Name: The Grand Champion
We started building our car around the start of March, we went through one or two designs but settled on one that was pretty basic but sturdy. When we constructed it, we used ideas that allowed to reduce some weight and decrease air resistance but, in the end, it was too heavy. Our attachments were lighter than our other teams, but our chassis was too heavy. We decided to build a new car which snapped in two. Like right down the center. After making a new one with essentially the same design we started adding all the things we did last time which made it lightweight but also our new chassis was lightweight this time too. The tests we ran on these cars were kind of crude but with a little estimation you could get a good idea of how fast it was. On April 17 we raced our other school teams to see who would go to competition and we were the fastest almost every time. Our car weighs 220.9 grams. We are not finished building it and plan to tweak it a few days before the competition. With some small adjustments it may be able to run faster.
Zion-Chassis designer/ Idea Man
Noah- Attachment Design Refiner
The Solar panel used averages about 3.67 volts in broad daylight facing the Sun.

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