Team name: HELIOS

Pembroke Pines Charter Elementary School – FSU Campus

Florida State EnergyWhiz Contest 2021 – Junior Solar Sprint

4th Grade:

Brianna B. 

Kailyn S. 


Mrs. Rivera

Mrs. Spencer

We both like greek mythology and recently did a project in class on greek mythology. We chose the team name HELIOS because he was the god of the Sun in Greek mythology. He was thought to ride a golden chariot which brought the Sun across the skies each day from the east to the west. The name is appropriate for this solar project.

Team Members:Roles:
Brianna B. Design drawing, Car assembly, Logging in design process, Word press documentation, Car decorations
Kailyn S. Logging design process, Car body chasis construction, Car assembly, Time log documentation, Word press documentation, Car decorations

9 thoughts on “HELIOS

  • CONGRATULATIONS Helios Team! 3rd Place Best Design Award!!! I’m certain that this STEAMtastic experience will be one of many to come. There are so many opportunities and experiences awaiting you, so continue challenging yourself. Life-long learners, begin their love of learning by playing with knowledge outside the classroom. I’m so grateful for your participation and your parents’ support. I’m excited about next year’s Energy Whiz.

  • I like how your team name is based off Greek mythology

  • Aerodynamic, lightweight! Great job, future engineers!

  • Great job! I’m impressed with the design. Nice correction on the chassis, and the detailed documentation on your progress. Goes to show you how perseverance goes along way. Can’t wait to see your future earth conservation centered projects.

  • This is great. It shows your ingenuity! Beautiful design.

  • Love the design, great problem solving, and I LOVE you made it based on greek mythology! Awesome job!

  • great job! it’s a good way to keep the engine with the wheel and a great team name

    • Way to go! It really shows how much time and work both of you put into this project!

  • My favorite part of your car is the beautiful chariot design with all of the little details! Very creative! Your problem solving skills are excellent, and the car ran very well. Congratulations!


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