Human Impact on Environment

Human Impact on Environment- Art Project

Saumya A.
Brevard Virtual School
6th Grade

4 thoughts on “Human Impact on Environment

  • You have great artistic skills! Amazing Presentation of the artwork and great concept to use recycled materials and add 3-dimensionality to the piece.

  • This piece demonstrates your great artistic skills while sending a powerful message. I like that your video ended with some ways that we can change our ways to have less impact on the environment. Great work!

  • Saumya, thank you for bringing to our attention a message through art about the human environmental impact on the world. Great job on depicting different dimensions and textures to deliver your message, especially on the fish and the use of 3D pens, nice touch. Thank you for bringing plastic pollution to our attention, as it is a real problem. The fine details such as the oil patch under the seagull, the plastic bag on top of the turtle, clearly delivers your message. You are a skilled artist. Your video message was clear, concise and well paced and enhanced with great facts.


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