Hurricane X

Henry, Grade 4, Cape View Elementary

Hello, my name is Henry. I am in the fourth grade at Cape View Elementary. This is my project. I built a solar car so that people could know to save energy and use solar power. My car’s name is Hurricane X. Dimensions of my car: 3 13/16 inch wide, 10 1/16 long. It has a place for a ping pong ball (I made it from a fruit container from school lunch) and there is a place for batteries in case there is no sun to power the car. I attached the solar panel with a rubber band and can move the panel and make it flat to follow the sun. I colored it with permanent markers and put a big X on the front. The back wheels are powered by the motor and the front wheels just go straight. I raced my car three times for 17 feet. The first time was 3.3 seconds, the second time was 3.6 seconds and the thrid time was 2.9 seconds. The sun was brightest during my last time.

2 thoughts on “Hurricane X

  • I like the way you have decorated your car…good job!

  • Great job on the log book!


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