Kozy Koalas

Team name: Kozy Koalas

School name: Zellwood Elementary School

Names: Jenna,F. Jaleah,F. Savanna,W.

Grades: Jaleah,F 4th; Jenna,F 4th; Savanna,W 4th

Animal Habitat: Koala

Design Documentation

Critter Test

We did not use a real live koala because we can not bring real koala’s in the U.S. You have to have a Permit or unless koalas are in the zoo.

Help: We got help from our stem teacher. We got help from a stem parent.

Materials: We got the fake Eucalyptus leaves from a stem parent. We got the sticks/branches from a tree. We got a cardboard box from recycling bin. We got popsicle stick and wood glue to stick the popsicles to make a ladder from stem supply boxes. We got moss/grass/solar panel from extra stem resources.

  1. Eucalyptus Leaves (Fake)

2. Sticks

3. Branches

4. Cardboard Box

5. Popsicle Sticks

6. Wood Glue to Stick

7. Moss

8. Grass

9. Solar Panel

10. Hot Glue

Critter Test

We can not do the critter test because our animal is a koala and it will be alaigal it bring it to America.

Koala’s would not be aloud to America.

Team Design Video

Why The Team Chose this Particular Animal for the Team?

1.The team chose this animal because it is cute, fuzzy, fluffy and its interestin facts about the Koala.

2. Why was this Design Chosen and why is this a good home for the koala?

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