Lemonade Dispenser

I have made a Lemonade Dispenser Rube Goldberg machine. I have 7 major steps with multiple chain reactions involving various energy transfers.

Step 1:

The Fan operated using a 3.5V battery which transfers electrical energy into wind energy starts rolling a toilet paper roll which is in potential energy into kinetic energy revealing our team name by unveiling the ribbon rolled on it.

That toilet paper roll hits a block that stops a spring action which is connected to the next step of chain reactions.

Before run…
After run…

Step 2:

In this step there are a chain reaction of balls which was staying in potential energy was activated to kinetic energy by pulling the popsicle stick stopping them. The end of the chain reaction pushes the bar that was holding the lever of the marble ramp that is there in the next step.

Step 3:

In this step we have a marble that runs into a book maze ending in a inclined plane in the next step.

This marble was pushed into kinetic energy into a ramp by a lever that was activated by the end of the previous step

Step 4:

The marble from the book maze enters into this step through an inclined plane made from a bottle head and foam tube then pushes a series of giant dominoes to push the weight holding a box that reveals our project name by a turn-around toy. Also this step pushes the domino that holds the paper pin used in the next step.

Step 5:

In this step a marble staying in a ramp was stopped by a paper clip forcing it to be in potential energy. that paper clip was removed from there by a falling domino from the previous step putting the marble into kinetic energy. That marble travelled through a ramp ended pushing a domino leading to the next step.

Step 6:

In this step we have a slow spin which was stopped by a stick was activated by the falling domino from the previous step. This slow spin knocked a giant domino which was stopping the car on an inclined plane in the next step.

Step 7:

This is the final step. In this step the lemonade dispenser tap was opened by a car running down in an inclined plane which i have placed on the top of the dispenser tank. The car was made to run in the opposite direction in order to pull the tap lever upwards. Also i have attached a bell which rings when the car hits it while running down the inclined plane to indicate the end the project.

Taadaa…. Here is the lemonade….

Thank you all for your time and consideration to watch my project.

3 thoughts on “Lemonade Dispenser

  • The steps on the website are aligned well with the pictures under each one. All of these steps are very clever. Great job!

  • I really like the variety of transfers and how nicely you explained how the machine runs. I would like to have a cup of lemonade please!

  • This machine had many creative ways to demonstrate energy transfers. The use of the books and potato masher was very clever. Great job!


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