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Lex Corps

Team Information

(My name is) Flash (the Fastest Car Alive)!
Car Name:Flash
Team Name:Lex Corps
School Name:NSU University School
Team Members Names:Lex J. and Benjamin

Design Documentation

Front View of the FLASH!
Back View of the Flash!
Top View of the Flash!
Bottom View of the FLASH!
Top view no panel
The Passenger!

Project Log

DateHoursTask PerformedObstacles EncounteredModifications to Car
9/11Learned about solar cars and watched a Energy Whiz video.
9/81We talked about all the different shapes of cars out there and all the different materials we could use to build our cars. I made a drawing of what my first idea would be for my car.
9/151I took some note and started thinking about what may be the best materials for me.
9/221I gathered all my materials. I wanted to use recycled materials.
9/291I figured out what my solar car shape should be. I included a plastic recycled triangle for the front. It is aerodynamic.Body of car
10/61I started to build my wheels.
10/201I glued the wheels on and put the wires on the motor.Wheels spacers and axles
10/271I put the motor on the car.Motor
11/31I put the battery on.battery pack and wiring
11/171I tested my car but for some reason it wasn’t going and the reason was that my wire was tangled.I had to rethink how to arrange the wires.
12/11I tested again and it worked, it was really fast.
12/81I put the guide wire tube on. I put on the ball holder. Then, I tested with the guide wire and it worked.Guide wire tube and ball holder
12/151I put on two pieces of balsa wood to hold up my panel. I put the Velcro on the wood and panel to attach the solar panel.panel support, solar panel, and velcro to hold panel
1/51Problem. I went outside to test the car but it turned to the side, it was not going straight.Car does not go straight.I taped the wires so they would not get caught.
1/121I figured out that the reason that it was turning was that there was a wire in one of the wheels. I fixed, tested again and it worked. The car went straight.
1/191I tested again but out of nowhere, problem, my car went super fast and ran into the wall and broke. Both wooden panel supports needed to be fixed.Wooden panel supports both broke.
1/261I fixed my car but this time I added some black to attract the sun and tilted the solar panel to make my car aerodynamic. the angle should also be better for the sun to hit it. The recycled angled black plastic piece I used is also aerodynamic and should push the wind to the side.
2/21I tested the car and it worked. We took it outside and did a couple of runs to see how long it took with more sun and less sun and with the battery.
3/21I was testing the car on battery and it worked but, problem, I put in the corner and a kid stepped on it by accident.Someone accidentally stepped on my car and broke it. The wooden supports are broken again.
3/91I fixed the car because I had to glue back together the wall that was maintaining the solar panel.
3/161I tested the car, it was fixed. It is even better now, more stable.
3/231We got to race the cars. My teacher told us more information about the competition and the website we had to create.
3/301We began working on our website information, logs, and car data.
4/61I got to practice before the race off and try the car with the solar panel and the battery.
4/201We did a race-off at school. I came in at 2nd place. 6.5 seconds in 20 meters.
4/221.5I ran my car on battery because it was cloudy. It did not run as fast as I expected. On Wednesday I will have to try to figure out why. I am going to replace the front axel.Maybe one of my axels has hot glue on it.

Design Drawings

Design Drawing of the FLASH from the top view
Design Drawing of the FLASH from the side view

Finished Car Specifications

Car Size with PanelLength: 27 cm Width: 9 cmHeight: 11 cm
Weight with Panel 296 g
Wheel sizeFront wheels: 4 cmBack wheels: 4 cm
Gear Ratiomotor gear: axle gear
10 : 40 =
1 : 4

Materials Used

Approx. Cost
Pitsco ray catcher solar panel38.25
balsa wood2.31
gears (6 gears x 0.34) 2.04
rubber bands2.50
spacers for bearings5.45
battery pack with switch3.85
piece of black binder comb for guide wire0.07
alligator clips0.14
masking tape
electrical tape
hot glue
tilted black plastic
tiny tilted cup

Test Results / Trial Runs

Test Runs 1 – date: 4/6/2022
Weather conditions: Partly cloudy
When the sun was out we ran on solar panel.

Observations of results: My car ran fast and straight.
Any recommendations for improvements:
AttemptTime, sDistance, mSpeed, m/s
1 – panel6.7114.52.16
2 – panel5.4814.52.65

Test Runs 2 – date: 4/20/2022
Weather conditions: Partly Cloudy
We ran on solar panel when the sun was not behind the clouds.

Observations of results: My car ran fine until I caught it wrong and broke the motor off.
Any recommendations for improvements: I have to put the motor back on and make sure it is running straight again.
AttemptTime, sDistance, mSpeed, m/s
1 – panel6.81202.94
2 – panel6.65203.01

Test Runs 3 – date: 4/22/2022
Weather conditions: Very cloudy
We had to run on battery

Observations of results: The car is going left.
Any recommendations for improvements: We are going to try to adjust the axel so that it goes straight.
AttemptTime, sDistance, mSpeed, m/s
1 – battery10.34201.93
2 – battery8.12202.46
3 – battery10.81201.85
4 – battery9.47202.11

Vehicle Features Video

Additional Information

Original Drawing of the FLASH!
Schematics for the Flash!

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  • The fact that someone stepped on your car is so sad! Things like that happen. What really matters is how we recover from that. You did an outstanding job on the car, the logs, and this webpage. Great job!


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