Lizard Wizard

Welcome to our project website. Our team decided to make a Critter Comfort Cottage for a lizard – Jlarry – called “Lizard Fortress”. Throughout this website, we will show how and why we decided to make this in different points of view. Now we will explain the multiple steps and materials required to make this.

Here is the procedure for this project.

  • We made this project with many things that include 5 18X24 pieces of plexiglass, real and fake grass, rocks, sticks, mulch, and cardboard boxes, net. In order to get materials like rocks, sticks, and mulch, we needed to go outside and collect the materials. The fun part about this project is that you can make all sorts of designs in the Lizard Fortress as long as you have the materials to make it. You need to be careful around the plexiglass because it can crack very easily, (I would know because I accidentally kicked it when I walked by). Now I will explain the procedure, step by step. 1. Glue Plexiglass into a box shape without a top and make two of the glass panes 18×18 using scissors. 2. Glue green paper to every side except one so you can see inside. Make sure that you leave one side clear so you can see through it. 3. Glue a piece of green paper that says LIZARD FORTRESS on the upper right corner of the inside. 4. Add cardboard box in Fortress that says “ Food Simulator “ 5. Add grass, rocks, sticks, and mulch to decorate inside of box. 6. Add food in Food Simulator. This includes bits of ripe bananas, oranges, and spinach. 7. Add a hole through the Food Simulator and 4 rocks around it. This acts as a TV and Couch and also an entrance to the Food Simulator. 8. Draw trees on green paper and glue them on the inside of the box everywhere except the side you left clear. 9. Make a cardboard cutout lizard and put it in the box. You can make any design you want. 10. add the net roof to keep the lizard inside. 11. make a logo for the project. 12. add the logo to the opposite side of the side that you have no paper on. 13. Make label on front of Fortress that says your team name. Ours is the Lizard Wizards!

This is our group photo and what each of us did for this project. (In some some situations, multiple people worked on the same thing such as research)

Gunnar: Took pictures, produced commercial, gathered materials, drew tree backdrop, made Google slides, made website. Liam: Built ‘Lizard Fortress’, took pictures, made daily logs for website, acted in commercial, gathered materials, and created Google slides. Jaden: Made blueprints, took pictures, created Google slides, made website, gathered materials, drew tree backdrop, built ‘Lizard Fortress’, drew logo, and acted in commercial ad.

These are the pictures of the project that we took.

Over time, Liam recorded a log for what we did each day every time we worked on this. Here are all of the daily logs up to date.

10-27-23: Made a model of C3 -Critter Comfort Cottage – using highlighters, markers, and pencils. Also picked design.

11-10-23: Got materials and made a rectangular shape box using plexiglass.

11-17-23: Got materials from outside, (Mulch, grass, sticks, and rocks), and put the materials in box.

12-1-23: Got more materials from outside (Mulch, grass, sticks, and rocks) and put the materials in box.

1-8-24: Made website, Daily Log, Model, Procedure, and Pictures.

1-15-24: Improved model and design for food simulator.

1-29-24: Made tree background inside Lizard Fortress. Also made cardboard lizard model.

2-5-24: Edited slides for web page (Procedures, Daily Log, Pictures, Thank you slide).

2-12-24: Added birds to background and colored tape. Also made the web page and updated picture.

2-26-24: Made commercial ad for Lizard Fortress, made the blueprints, and made some repairs to Lizard Fortress.

3-4-24: Gave the box a net roof to protection and improved website and model.

3-11-24: Fixed the net roof, made a logo, started updating the pictures, updated the procedures, updated the materials.


First: We struggled picking the design we had many ideas tree fort, a mansion, a parkour area, a bush, and a jungle. In the end we had a jungle in a glass box and a food simulator and a fake grass bed. Second: We struggled with making the procedures first we had a version that is not specific and then we made one that is specific. Third: We struggled with the commercial because we kept messing up are lines. Fourth: We struggled the scripts for the commercial because we kept on messing up the script with the wording. Fifth: We had distractions during the class period.

Thank you for reading this website!

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